Blog: Dave LeggettIntroducing the new just-auto logo

Dave Leggett | 12 October 2010

The new just-auto logo

The new just-auto logo

Change is a fact of life. Better to embrace it than resist (usually). And the importance of being presentable, conveying the right messages in appearance, is not to be underestimated, either.

I got a haircut yesterday and purchased a new suit last week. I wouldn't say I put a lot of effort into personal grooming (I am trying not to laugh) or 'presentation', naturally preferring to go with the primacy of substance, but I do recognise that these things have their place.

Which brings me to an important presentational aspect of just-auto. You may notice that there is a new logo for just-auto at the top of this and every page on the site. This follows on from launching our new site design in May.

Fresh from the designers this morning, we think the new logo conveys and represents just-auto’s core mission to supply automotive information, insight and intelligence  - the three 'i's as we like to think of them - to you.

Personally, I think it is cleaner and neater, with more visual impact, than the predecessor. Those three 'i's are linked up in the sphere.

We’d be very happy to hear your feedback on the new logo. The best way to do this is to add a comment to this blog.


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