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The end of the beginning? - the week

Indonesia faces up to COVID-19

Will Hyundai be the big winner when COVID-19 ends?

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just-auto takes an Easter Break

Easter is coming this weekend, which means Friday (10 April) and Monday (13 April) are public holidays for us, here in the UK.

Volkswagen China claims "strong customer interest"

With only SAIC VW's Urumqi vehicle plant in the country's west still offline, Volkswagen Group China now has 32 of 33 car and component production...

China sales off in March, April seen better

China's March passenger car sales fell 40.8% from a year earlier to 1.08m units, the China Passenger Car Association said on Thursday (9 April), as...

Visteon withdraws 2020 financial guidance

Visteon has withdrawn its financial guidance provided in February, 2020 and has unveiled operational cost reductions in response to the coronavirus...

Nissan after $4.6bn credit line

Nissan Motor has requested a US$4.6bn commitment line from major lenders to cushion the impact of the coronavirus pandemic while it seeks to engineer...

Almost 1.5m vehicles lost from Europe production

Factory shutdowns as a result of the COVID-19 crisis have resulted in lost production amounting to 1,465,415 motor vehicles to date, according to new...

Henkel withdraws forecast for fiscal 2020

Henkel says it has decided the forecast for fiscal 2020 published in the Annual Report, 2019 will no longer be upheld as manufacturing worldwide deals...

UPDATED - Daily automotive coronavirus briefing FREE TO READ

A daily update of news and views on the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis and its impact on the automotive sector

US DHHS gives GM $489m ventilator contract

The US Department of Health and Human Services has announced the first contract for ventilator production rated under...

Western Europe's car market down 52.9% in March

Western Europe's new car registrations fell by a colossal 52.9% year-on-year (YoY) in March and the regional annualised...

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Latest automotive insights

The end of the beginning? - the week

Some optimistic signs in the coronavirus pandemic this week as the city of Wuhan, said to be the epicentre of the outbreak in China was largely released from lockdown and a couple of Scandinavian countries eased restrictions. Here in the UK, though, despite what promises to be a summer temperatures Easter weekend, there is no prospect of the lockdown being lifted, at least for another three weeks until enough data is in - have we peaked and would relaxation too soon lead to another surge in cases and an unpopular restoration of the lockdown?

Indonesia faces up to COVID-19

Economic growth in Indonesia, like in the rest of Asia, began to slow sharply in March as reality began to sink in over...

Will Hyundai be the big winner when COVID-19 ends?

Blink and you risk missing a major shift in global car markets. As recently as February, Hyundai sold just 6,066 cars in...

Brazil turnaround shows FCA what to do with Fiat

With Brazil having become Fiat's number one market even before COVID-19, the launch of a new Strada is even more...

Why the new Superb PHEV is vital for Skoda

Škoda's has many electrified models on the way, including the Kodiaq iV, Octavia iV and Octavia RS iV petrol plug-in hybrids, with the fully electric Enyaq iV due to join the Citigoe iV. This armada is being led by the company's biggest, most expensive car, the Superb, in 1.4-litre iV form.

Hyundai readies Genesis for post-COVID era

Having been busy for a number of years with preparations for an arsenal of high-end Genesis models, Hyundai now finds...

China recovers as the rest of the world suffers - the week

While the rest of the globe still deals with the humanitarian and economic fallout from COVID-19, a recovery of sorts is...

COVID-19 will force auto retailers to embrace digital transformation

Early reports from most countries around the world indicate that auto sales in March have nosedived as efforts to...

Hot issues

COVID-19 hits the auto industry

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is causing disruption in China (especially Hubei province) with knock-on impacts on...

CES 2020

OEMs and Tier 1s announce vehicle and technology innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Our...

PSA and FCA plan to merge

PSA and FCA have jointly published plans for a merger that they say opens a path to the creation of a new group with...

Strike hits General Motors in North America

In the middle of September, some 49,000 UAW members at GM in the US walked out in what is the company's first strike...

Latest interviews

Innovative interiors de rigueur for Citroen

In today’s car interior, space in front of the wheel remains a priority with the explosion of added content and...

Nio confident on prospects despite COVID-19 crisis

It’s clear that the impact of COVID-19 on China was significant and dramatic in the first few months of 2020. Factories...

Interview with Mercedes-Benz interior design director

Mercedes-Benz interior designers break new ground with every model. To learn how they achieve it and...

Yanfeng is on a mission to wipe out COVID-19 germs in the car

Given the accent on tomorrow’s car interior is becoming more about occupant comfort and health, how...

Ford puts a Spin on the micromobility market

Spin, the micromobility unit of Ford Motor, is expanding its footprint from 70 markets in the US to...

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Driving Smarter Innovations with Chemical Labelling & Material Approval for Manufacturers and Upstre

Driving Smarter Innovations with Chemical Labelling & Material Approval for Manufacturers and Upstream Suppliers

New from just-auto - the just-auto magazine. Read it for free now.

New from just-auto - the just-auto magazine. Read it for free now.

2020 and Beyond – What can we expect from the Next 20 Years of Automotive Technology?

TU-Automotive Detroit is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. And to kick off this year’s campaign we looked back at the past 20 years of Automotive Technology and asked our...

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Global light vehicle transmissions and clutches market - forecasts to 2034

Global light vehicle transmissions and clutches market - forecasts to 2034

This QUBE report from just-auto provides a comprehensive overview of the global transmissions sector, major suppliers, top markets, technology trends and market size forecasts. Use this report to gain a quick overview of the sector and to understand the size and scope of the world's key markets.. Read more

Published: April 2020 - ($1495.00)

Global heavy trucks market

Published: April 2020 - ($975.00)

Global automotive OE lighting market - forecasts to 2034

Published: April 2020 - ($1235.00)

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