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Nissan plant pension problem - the week

COMMENT - Nissan Sunderland uncertainties persist

Geely and Volvo readying Lynk & Co for expansion

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Germany boosts EVs with stimulus plan

Germany has announced a stimulus programme for the auto industry that includes new incentives for electric vehicles but not conventional powertrain...

Ford puts Mustang 's 10-speed autobox in Transit

Ford has started production of a new 10-speed automatic gearbox option for rear-wheel drive (RWD) Transit models that offers excellent fuel...

JLR secures GBP560m China revolving loan facility

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) says its Chinese subsidiary has inked a three-year GBP560m revolving loan facility, but is declining to comment on reports it...

Ford delays US salaried workers' return

Ford has said it was delaying plans for salaried workers to begin returning to offices in late June until September.

RHA hails UK GBP10bn insurance deal

Britain's Road Haulage Association has lauded the government's decision to make a GBP10bn (US$12.6bn) guarantee available to protect against customer...

Japan sales plunge 45% in May

Japan's new vehicle market continued to decline sharply in May 2020, with sales plunging by almost 45% to 218,285 units from 396,120 units a year...

Enel X expands EV charging network

Enel X has expanded its electric vehicle (EV) charging network to more than 30,000 public charging points, by starting eRoaming connectivity with...

UPDATED - Daily automotive coronavirus briefing FREE TO READ

A daily update of news and views on the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis and its impact on the automotive sector

West European car market down 57.3% in May

West European new car sales fell by 57.3% year-on-year (YoY) in May, while the regional selling rate stood at a lowly...

Volkswagen's Bentley axing 1,000 British jobs

Volkswagen owned Bentley is to cut 1,000 jobs in the UK, about a quarter of its workforce.

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Latest automotive insights

Nissan plant pension problem - the week

Nissan's UK plant may have been reprieved in Nissan's recent shake-up plan but it is now under threat from no deal Brexit and the union has also weighed in, saying the automaker's plans to end a defined benefits pension scheme for hundreds of workers at the Sunderland plant are "disappointing" and "opportunistic".

Geely and Geometry future models [updated]

A sales plunge at home in the second half of 2019 was a shock to Geely and its namesake brand. Efforts have since been...

Geely and Volvo readying Lynk & Co for expansion [updated]

Geely and Volvo's experiment with the creation of Lynk & Co has bounced between convincing and worrying, sales currently...

COMMENT - May market numbers exceed expectations

Today, industry associations representing the vehicle markets of Germany, the UK and Russia all reported May light...

Geely fortifies Proton and Lotus for growth

Many were the sceptics when Li Shufu became the latest owner and part owner of Lotus Cars and Proton respectively. So far, and that includes the COVID-19 crisis, progress could be rated OK and excellent. Geely's boss continues to invest in both, tasking the CEOs of these car makers to show him a pathway to sustainable profits.

Nissan Sunderland plant uncertainties are a reminder of still-present Brexit risks

In widely reported remarks, Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta has reiterated the importance of UK-EU free trade to the future of...

Nissan right to focus on core strengths and cost control

Nissan has now confirmed the closure of its Barcelona, Spain, manufacturing plant as part of a new business plan that...

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT - Sterilising cars in a post-COVID-19 market

COVID-19 has brought car sterilisation into sharp focus. Continuing just-auto/AIC’s series of research snapshots,...

Hot issues

COVID-19 hits the auto industry

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is causing disruption in China (especially Hubei province) with knock-on impacts on...

CES 2020

OEMs and Tier 1s announce vehicle and technology innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Our...

PSA and FCA plan to merge

PSA and FCA have jointly published plans for a merger that they say opens a path to the creation of a new group with...

Strike hits General Motors in North America

In the middle of September, some 49,000 UAW members at GM in the US walked out in what is the company's first strike...

Latest interviews

China’s shift to online sales gathers pace

Volkswagen in China is reporting that sales have recovered sharply after the COVID-19 slump that hit the market hard in...

How tomorrow’s car could take care of your mind, body and soul

The importance of health and wellness has come into sharp focus in recent months. Consumer technologies such as fitness...

T-Roc Cabrio - has Volkswagen created a segment?

One of the many recent events which Volkswagen had to cancel was the media launch of the T-Roc...

Using driving simulators to navigate the ‘new normal’

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global automotive industry, OEMs and Tier Ones are looking at...

Innovative interiors de rigueur for Citroen

In today’s car interior, space in front of the wheel remains a priority with the explosion of added...

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Driving Smarter Innovations with Chemical Labelling & Material Approval for Manufacturers and Upstre

Driving Smarter Innovations with Chemical Labelling & Material Approval for Manufacturers and Upstream Suppliers

2020 and Beyond – What can we expect from the Next 20 Years of Automotive Technology?

TU-Automotive Detroit is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. And to kick off this year’s campaign we looked back at the past 20 years of Automotive Technology and asked our...

New from just-auto - the just-auto magazine. Read it for free now.

New from just-auto - the just-auto magazine. Read it for free now.

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Toyota: Coronavirus (COVID 19) Company Impact

Toyota: Coronavirus (COVID 19) Company Impact

This report aims to help you understand the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on an automotive OEM.. Read more

Published: April 2020 - ($495.00)

GM: Coronavirus (COVID 19) Company Impact

Published: April 2020 - ($495.00)

Volkswagen (VW): Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Impact

Published: April 2020 - ($495.00)

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