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ZF’s vision of steering systems in AVs

Nissan and Dongfeng planning Venucia EVs and SUVs

Research snapshot – no shortage of ADAS technology

Volkswagen withdraws from Paris motor show

Latest automotive news

China to cut import duty on cars

China is to cut its import duty on passenger cars to 15% from 25%, effective from 1 July.

Aston Martin reports GBP2.8m profit in Q1

Aston Martin Holdings has stayed in the black and reported a 3% rise in first-quarter adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and...

Gloomy outlook on EU/US trade deal

Europe's proposals to open its markets wider to US products - including cars - appear not to have persuaded Washington to lift the threat of import...

Tesla's Musk admits Model 3 brake problem

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has admitted there was a braking issue with the Model 3 sedan, pointed out by Consumer Reports, and said it could be fixed with...

HERE and partners form OneMap Alliance

HERE Technologies and a group of partner companies have formed an alliance for a global mapping system that HERE says will underpin the safe use of...

VW gets caught by Polo rear seatbelt buckles

Volkswagen is in the midst of a recall campaign for all new Polos (ours come from South Africa) after discovering a problem with rear seat belt...

VW opens new tech campus in Israel

Volkswagen Group has officially opened a campus in Tel Aviv named Konnect to provide local partners and start-ups direct access to the group and its...

Ford confirms 2nd vehicle for Romania plant

Ford has confirmed it is investing up to EUR200m and adding an additional 1,500 jobs to manufacture a second vehicle at its Craiova Assembly Plant, in Romania.

VW Brazil to include five SUVs in 20 launches by 2020

Volkswagen's launch plan for Brazil and Argentina totals 20 new products of which five are SUVs, a segment in which the...

MEDEF sets up hotline for French companies with Iran business

French business confederation, MEDEF, says it has set up a hotline for companies nervous about what the implications of...

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Latest automotive insights

Nissan and Dongfeng planning Venucia EVs and SUVs

Dongfeng Motor and Nissan Motor's Venucia, a brand which concentrates on low-price vehicles for the Chinese market, is having a cracker of a 2018. And this after high levels of year-on-year expansion since its inception in 2010. Time to look at what the partners have planned for this increasingly important division.

New Audi Sport RS 4 Avant - powered by Porsche

Audi Sport must have some of the best margins of any car company division. A range of RS models sits under the umbrella...

England to Ford's rescue again - the week

Once again, good old Blighty has helped out Ford's F-150 series across the pond. You're welcome. Few weeks ago, we...

Volkswagen withdraws from Paris motor show

The importer for France has confirmed rumours which had claimed that Volkswagen would not have a stand at the 2018 Paris...

Research snapshot – no shortage of ADAS technology to support AVs

Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of research snapshots, this one forms the second (of three) parts focusing on the ways in which the auto industry is paving the way for autonomous vehicles. It turns a spotlight on some recent supplier advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) innovations and investments.

All those in favour of AVs, say AI

We are hearing more about the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous vehicles (AVs). Continuing...

Nissan planning new models for future of Datsun

RSM Renault Samsung was the most recent division of the R-N-M Alliance to be looked at as part of just-auto's current...

What does the WLTP mean for the automotive industry?

From September 2018, all new cars registered in Europe, India, South Korea and Japan will have to report their official...

Hot issues

Turkey snapshot

Turkey is literally and metaphorically at a crossroads between East and West, while its 80m population has an average...

Russian Automotive Forum 2018

The annual Russian Automotive Forum brings OEMs and suppliers together to discuss developments and progress for the auto...

Geneva 2018

It's March, which means spring and Geneva - the first big European auto show of the year. Our debut list, show news,...

CES and NAIAS 2018

January gets the new year started with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas - increasingly important in...

Latest interviews

ZF’s vision of steering systems in AVs

Although autonomous vehicles (AVs) are on the horizon, steering wheels will be fitted as standard to new cars for a...

Designing transmissions for autonomous vehicles

The lack of a driver in an autonomous vehicle (AV) re-writes the rules on many aspects of vehicle design, including the...

VW’s vision of car interiors – a mobile living space without a steering wheel

In today’s car interior, space in front of the wheel remains a priority with the explosion of added...

Interview - Avtovaz Renault Nissan Purchasing Organisation

Avtovaz Renault Nissan Purchasing Organisation's (ARNPO) scale in Russia is quite staggering in a...

Interview - VW Group Rus purchasing director Patrick Huseman

Volkswagen Group Rus says it has learned from the crisis years not to rely too heavily on imported...

Thought leaders

Webinar on demand: The Impact of Advanced Thermoplastic Insulation Systems on e-motors

Automotive experts James Bonnett & Chris Slowinski explore the challenges e-motor manufacturers are facing & discuss how advanced thermoplastic insulation can help meet the...

Renesas: Expert white papers

At Renesas, a leading supplier of automotive microcontrollers and SoC products, we aim to be a provider of total solutions in response to growing trends and market needs. Through...

If you thought AWD technology couldn’t deliver both efficiency and performance, think again.

Although AWD vehicles are known for improving safety and performance, they often create complexity, production cost, and fuel economy challenges for automotive manufacturers.

Research store

Autonomous light vehicle market review and forecasts to 2032

Autonomous light vehicle market review and forecasts to 2032

Published: Apr 2018

New to just-auto this quarter, this report has been extracted from motor industry information and intelligence platform QUBE and provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging autonomous light vehicle sector, major suppliers, top 14 markets, technology trends and market size forecasts.

2018 Automotive Megatrends and Markets Report

2018 Automotive Megatrends and Markets Report

Published: Mar 2018

This report reviews developments in major automotive global markets - with a particular emphasis on growth opportunities - and also considers the new forces, the ‘megatrends’, that are reshaping personal mobility and the industry that provides that. As well as reviewing major car market developments, we give consideration to the next wave of emerging markets. If China has emerged as by far the world’s largest vehicle market, attention will start to turn to the places that will similarly emerge as major sources of automotive demand in the future.

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