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GM confirms investment in southern Brazil

Drivers need convincing of automated car benefits

2017 Pebble Beach Concours - world debuts

Electrics, Frankfurt, GM, FCA - the week

Latest automotive news

Will Daimler and BMW combine car sharing services?

Daimler and BMW are rumoured to be in talks to combine their car-sharing services Car2Go and DriveNow, the chief executive of car rental company and...

Drivers need convincing of automated car benefits

Drivers fail to see that automated and driverless vehicles will deliver promised benefits according to a new study.

GAZ launches van production in Turkey

GAZ Group has started assembly of Gazelle Next cargo van and combi van models in Turkey.

Trelleborg to build new facility in Denmark

Trelleborg has, through its business area Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, invested in a new production facility for sealing solutions in...

PPG opens new Argentina refinish training centre

PPG announced it has opened a new 300 sq m training centre for automotive refinish professionals in Pillar, Argentina.

Goodyear names new VP and CTO

Goodyear has unveiled Christopher Helsel as VP and chief technology officer, effective 1 September.

just-auto Plus only Valeo develops new top column module

Safety, driving pleasure, esthetics – when you drive a car, it is not just the steering wheel that has a major influence on the driving...

GM confirms investment in southern Brazil

General Motors will spend BRL1.4bn/US$430m on its Gravataí plant in state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Hyundai Motor previews new fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai Motor has offered an early glimpse of its next generation fuel cell vehicle, well ahead of the hydrogen-powered...

Nissan sees e-Power potential in emerging markets

Nissan Motor Indonesia displayed the first model to receive the new e-Power drivetrain, the Note, at the motor show in...

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Latest automotive insights

Electrics, Frankfurt, GM, FCA - the week

Our scrutiny of future Jaguar SUVs and electric models drew a lot of looks this week as did news of electric Ford Transits developed with DHL Deutsche Post.

Will Ford sieze an electric opportunity for Lincoln?

It has been just over a year since what Ford calls The Lincoln Motor Company was the subject of a just-auto in-depth...

ANALYSIS - More SUVs and an electric future for Jaguar

Once in danger of going the same way as Saab or Lancia, Jaguar has been brought back to life via massive infusions of...

Future models, Toyota waistlines, diesel deals - the week

Our 'future models' analysis is always popular and, this week, we put Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs for the 2020s -...

How 900Nm and 48V make the Audi SQ7 TDI epic

In the words of a friend who owns a Golf GTD and is a long time fan of multiple Volkswagen Group models, driving the Audi SQ7 would have to be "like propelling a municipal building at lightspeed". Is three times the torque output of most small diesel engines necessary, though?

ANALYSIS - Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs for the 2020s

Land Rover is both the vehicle volume and profits powerhouse of not only JLR but Tata Motors Limited too. Thanks to a...

Automotive technologies through a patent lens

Aistemos is an analytics company that specialises in providing a view of the technology and innovation landscape through...

Toyota C-HR waistline not a problem for Kidsview, as it turns out

Consider a large slice of humble pie cut, served and eaten. Traitorous kids. Soon as Toyota last year started issuing...

Hot issues

The virtual world and automotive

The virtual world is edging closer and impacting the buying and driving experience. There are virtual reality headsets...

BMW Group future product strategy

BMW is pouring money into renewing both its global model range and trying to create sub-segments which it could dominate...

All change at Ford

Ford has changed its CEO and reshuffled its top management as it seeks a corporate reset in the face of falling profits...

Where next for PSA Group? Future model strategy revealed

We take a forensic look at PSA Group brands and future new model strategy

Latest interviews

User experience in the connected car – Q&A with Harman

With continuously improving connectivity in the car as we move towards autonomous vehicles, experts are predicting fast...

DSD on the transmission engineering landscape - Q&A

Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with suppliers, we spoke to Alex Tylee-Birdsall, co-founder and...

Denso - digitalisation is transforming the European aftermarket

Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with tier one component manufacturers, we spoke to...

Magna VP on Industry 4.0, VR and RocketSpace

Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with tier one component suppliers, we spoke to Ian...

Changing times for wipers – Q&A with Trico

In theory, the wiper blade is a service replacement item. But in reality, motorists often wait until...

Thought leaders

3M: Automotive Bonding

The latest addition to the Automotive Attachment Tape family - is a high performance tape that has the potential to simplify the attachment process while reducing overall costs and...

Uncover hidden value to reach Operational Excellence factsheet

Lectra’s expertise in automotive cutting room processes has matured throughout more than 20 years of successful partnerships with the world’s largest groups. Download our Uncover...

Boost Innovation With New Technology

Cutting solutions introduced to the market 10 to 15 years ago may still be reliable and productive, but they are not capable of responding to new market requirements, most notably...

If you thought AWD technology couldn’t deliver both efficiency and performance, think again.

Although AWD vehicles are known for improving safety and performance, they often create complexity, production cost, and fuel economy challenges for automotive manufacturers.

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The 2017 global light vehicle front end modules report - forecasts to 2032

The 2017 global light vehicle front end modules report - forecasts to 2032

Published: Jul 2017

This QUBE report from just-auto provides a comprehensive overview of the global OE front end modules sector, major suppliers, top markets, technology trends and market size forecasts. Use this report to gain a quick overview of the sector and to understand the size and scope of the world's key markets

China New Energy Vehicle Report

China New Energy Vehicle Report

Published: Jul 2017

This up to date report responds, among other things, to the following questions: Who dominates the market currently and why? What changes can be expected or not? How difficult will it be for the various OEMs to meet the fuel saving targets and the NEV carbon credit quotas laid down by the government? What impact will changes of the regulation have and how will technology trends be affected? What are reasonable game plans of the OEMs in terms of model mix in order to achieve the regulation? Why might 48V and plug-in hybrids be the winners out of all this?

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