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A friendly fist bump between neighbours or trade friction ahead? Word for the day: Uncertainty

What does 'Brexit' mean for the auto sector?

In the end it was a narrow result, but the UK’s voters have voted to leave the European Union. What are the implications for the automotive...

Who'd be the prime minister that 'lost' the UK for Europe? David Cameron will be gone by October

And so Brexit begins - The Week That Was

It would be fair to say that fear and trepidation abounds here in the UK this day as, after the polls were proved wrong (again), we learned...

'Thor's hammer' headlights say 'Volvo'

The self-driving Volvo is getting closer

It didn't take too long on the Volvo S90/V90 international media launch in sunny southern Spain for Naughty Boy here to get a lecture on Vol...

Monroe’s ACOCAR active suspension layout as fitted to an SUV.

Active suspension systems - briefing

An electronic (‘intelligent’ or ‘active’) suspension system can control the vertical movement of a vehicle’s wheels relative to its chassis...

Prius averaged 58.1mpg over the course of a week's driving

Toyota finally makes an economical Prius

The Prius has always been an engineering tour de force. What it hasn't ever been, is a genuinely economical model in all conditions and in a...

Big challenges remain, but VW Group CEO Matthias Müller has made a good start

Volkswagen’s steady hand on the tiller - Comment

While we still do not know the full cost of the diesel emissions scandal to Volkswagen Group (it’s still early days in terms of totting up t...

VW's amazing new 1.0-litre Golf engine - Analysis 20 Jun 16

The new turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which Volkswagen has quietly slipped into the Golf is one of the best kept secrets of 2016. Power, torque, CO2 and economy are all state of the art, but the best bit is how terrific it sounds - like an old school BMW six-cylinder.

Monroe riding high on the electronic suspension market - briefing 20 Jun 16

A clear trend in the shock absorber sector is integrating more and more electronics. Electronic dampers adjust instantly to ensure ride comfort and firm vehicle control. Tenneco Inc is among those leading players in the electronic suspension market. At a recent company event, the supplier updated us on its product portfolio and scope.

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Export demand boosts Brazil automakers recruitment

Fernando Calmon | 24 Jun 16 First of a batch of Hyundai Brazil-made HB20s head off for Paraguay

Following BMW, which will begin X1 SUV exports from its Brazilian assembly plant to the US next month, three other automakers have decided to hire temporary workers to help fill new orders from overseas due to increased competitiveness following devaluation of the Brazilian real versus the US dollar.

'Business as usual,' says Tata's Jaguar Land Rover

Graeme Roberts | 24 Jun 16 A Land Rover Discovery Sport exits a British assembly line. JLR enjoys strong sales in NAFTA markets and has plants outside the EU in China, India and Brazil. A plant in Slovakia is planned

Jaguar Land Rover said "today is just business as usual", following the UK referendum on Thursday (23 June) which will see the country leave the EU.

More private investment needed-Iranian Ambassador

Simon Warburton | 23 Jun 16 Iran and Russia share kinship of Cold War and sanctions era

Iran's Ambassador to Russia is calling for more private businesses to become involved in his country as the post-sanctions landscape starts to open up real possibilities for overseas companies.

Recent News - (Updated: 3:22pm 24 Jun 2016)

SMMT stresses need for tariff-free trade deals

Jeep, Maserati, readying roll-away software fixes

Financial bodies comply with norms - Iran Bank

Goodwood FoS world premieres - the list (updated)

'Car radio' not dead yet - survey

Volvo starts V90 production

Volkswagen kills Jetta Hybrid citing low demand

AvtoVAZ announces new board members

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Bang & Olufsen on developing smart audio solutions - Q&A 20 Jun 16

Matthew BeechamGreg Sikora

Bang & Olufsen branded audio products are available in a range of Audi, Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes-Benz car models. Greg Sikora, manager acoustic systems engineering, Bang & Olufsen automotive audio at Harman lifestyle division explains what such OEMs expect, how it is staying premium in an increasingly commodity market and whether the rise of electric and hybrid cars will impact our listening habits. The automotive business of Bang & Olufsen was acquired by Harman in May 2015.

Volvo Cars' Anders Eugensson on strategy – Interview 16 Jun 16

Chris WrightAnders Eugensson

When Volvo announced its 20/20 vision in 2008 - that no one would be killed or seriously injured in one of its cars by the year 2020 - autonomous cars and connectivity were virtually nowhere on the automotive agenda.

Hella Gutmann Solutions on ADAS camera calibration – Q&A 15 Jun 16

Matthew BeechamBjörn Rietschel

While self-driving cars are not yet available to the public, there are a number of models offering some form of advanced assistance to the driver. These include adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning systems that require a camera to be fitted, typically behind the windscreen. Upon replacing the windscreen, the camera typically needs to be recalibrated. To learn more, we spoke to Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH’s managing director Björn Rietschel about the company’s camera calibration tool and the prospects for self-calibrating systems.

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White nights and networking in St Petersburg

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 22 Jun 16

So another St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) has flashed by in its usual white blur of back-to-back press conferences and some of the highest level networking I've ever seen.

New Normal becomes New Reality in BRIC parlance

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 15 Jun 16

Russia or more specifically, St Petersburg, is hosting its 16th International Economic Forum here in its mighty second city and it's a continued show of defiance against a West, which is equally stubborn in its insistence of maintaining a frosty disapproval of The Kremlin's Crimea and possibly Eastern Ukraine involvement

Colossal China powers on

Simon Warburton, just-auto editorial team Simon Warburton | 8 Jun 16

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country.

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China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

China's 2016 Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing

'New normal', 'still room to grow', 'lead or be knocked out'. Just three takeaways from this year's GAF in the key Chinese auto- and parts-making city. We were there.

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

Explore PSA Peugeot Citroën's new business plan - 'Push to Pass'

PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented a new five-year business plan that includes ambitious financial targets and plans for new models. just-auto was in Paris to hear more about the new strategic priorities for PSA Groupe.

Russian Automotive Forum - domestic suppliers take centre stage

Russian Automotive Forum - domestic suppliers take centre stage

As Russia endures severe economic challenges, with extremely low oil prices and international sanctions, local suppliers find themselves at a competitive advantage. The Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow provided a platform for their views and just-auto was there to report.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016

March brings the annual Geneva Motor Show. A showcase for new models and concepts aimed at Europe, the industry's top executives are here to network, gossip and meet the media. just-auto was there at the 86th Geneva Show in Palexpo.

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Automotive Megatrends

Automotive Megatrends

The global automotive industry stands on the brink of unprecedented change. Unstoppable megatrends that reflect a confluence of factors – economic, demographic and technological – are set to reshape the industry over the next decade. New markets will rise and new technologies will emerge to meet the challenges ahead... Read more

Published: January 2016 - ($600.00)

Global light vehicle safety systems market - forecasts to 2030

Published: April 2016 - ($2300.00)

Global light vehicle OE connectivity market - forecasts to 2030

Published: April 2016 - ($1500.00)

Global light vehicle HVAC market - forecasts to 2030

Published: April 2016 - ($1500.00)

Global heavy trucks market

Published: April 2016 - ($1500.00)

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