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Future Toyota SUVs and pick-ups

Future Toyota SUVs and pick-ups

Toyota is cautiously moving towards EVs yet a big chunk of today's profits come from ICE-powered models sold in the US. What will power the next generation of SUVs and pick-ups then?

How has activity in the automotive sector recovered from Covid-19?

Growth in stocks value by sector

Sector ranking (out of 18)

Sector Stocks growth
1) Automotive +89.7%
2) Technology +68.4%
3) Mining +66.7%
4) Apparel +66.0%
5) Healthcare +40.2%
6) Packaging +39.5%
7) Retail +35.1%
8) Medical +34.5%
9) Pharma +24.3%
10) Banking & Payments +19.9%

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