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Future Audi SUVs – Q1 and Q9 coming?

Future Audi SUVs – Q1 and Q9 coming?

Audi stated in June that it won't be phasing out ICE-power until the 2030s. Nonetheless, certain regions are set to see ever more electric models, many of these coming relatively soon, along with fresh platforms, body styles and entries to new segments.

The proportion of companies hiring for robotics roles rose in August

Top countries for Environmental, Social, and Governance Jobs, June-August 2021 (Source: GlobalData)

ESG hiring trends in automotive across the world - the US tops the table by a huge margin (from GlobalData's Jobs Analytics database)

Country Number of jobs
United States 4035
Germany 285
United Kingdom 240
India 222
Canada 164
China 163
Mexico 110
France 107
Thailand 105
Romania 83

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