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RESEARCH SNAPSHOT: Review of front-end modules

Continuing just-auto's series of research snapshots - pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE - Matthew Beecham reviews some ligh...

COMMENT: The diminution of Fiat

The core brand of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - with a 116-year history of innovation and sales success - is reducing in importance as other p...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015 Mazda CX-5 & future CUVs

Updated for 2015, the latest Euro 6-compliant Mazda6 has also had a mid-life facelift. A policy of short life cycles for major models is one...

COMMENT: BMW & Mercedes battle over self parking

With Daimler's head of R&D confirming that next year's W213 E-Class will be able to park itself, Mercedes-Benz seems keen to undermine BMW's...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: 'Game changing' configurator

Our most-read story on just-auto this week was also an exclusive - all about a game changing car configurator technology that will revolutio...


The Leon range continues to be SEAT's salvation, its multiple bodystyles successfully tempting ever more buyers to switch to the Spanish bra...

June 2015 management briefing: Active safety systems (2) 25 Jun 15

Driver assistance systems use a combination of warnings and some degree of active intervention to help steer the driver away from trouble. Although the accent is on giving assistance to the driver rather than take control away, motorists are still wary about cars that supposedly drive themselves. While active intervention clearly holds many possibilities, it is also fraught with difficulty. Matthew Beecham considers the stage we have reached with three advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), rearview cameras, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems and head-up displays (HUDs) in cars. This second instalment considers AEB and HUDs.

COMMENT: Could the sun be the de-carbonising game changer? 24 Jun 15

One of the main points coming across at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership conference in London today (24 June) was the future of environmentally friendly motoring is not simply about getting people into electric vehicles or hybrids - it's about de-carbonising the whole supply chain - well to wheel and all.

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Arrested Toyota executive quits

Graeme Roberts | 1 Jul 15

Toyota announced on Wednesday (1 July) that Julie Hamp, named only last March as the automaker's first female managing officer, had resigned following her arrest last month on suspicion of illegally importing the painkiller oxycodone into Japan.

Suzuki appoints Suzuki junior as new president

Dave Leggett | 1 Jul 15

Suzuki Chairman and CEO Osamu Suzuki has announced the appointment of son Toshihiro Suzuki as the company's new president.

"Levelling off" continues in China's car market

Dave Leggett | 1 Jul 15

Anlaysis from LMC shows that the slowdown in China's light vehicle market continued in May, with year-on-year growth in sales of locally-made models dropping to just 1.4%.

Recent News - (Updated: 4:03pm 1 Jul 2015)

BYD stops exports to Russia

BYD confirms London electric double decker trial

GM pleased judge tosses out 'ignition switch' suit

Maruti June sales up 1.8%

UK auto sector delivering on growth

Auto industry gears up for intelligent mobility

New diesel with 'Thermo Swing Wall Insulation'

Infrastructure and logistics make Brazil costly

Latest Auto Interviews

Q&A: Intelligent Energy on how FCEVs could reach the masses 16 Jun 15

Matthew Beecham

The hydrogen fuel cell sector has caught the automotive limelight recently, notably Toyota's announcement of making thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents available on a royalty free basis. Does this mean affordable fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) could be on our driveways anytime soon? Matthew Beecham talked to James Batchelor of independent fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy about the obstacles still to be overcome.

Q&A: DSM on the opportunities for under-the-hood plastic applications 8 Jun 15

Matthew Beecham

DSM Engineering Plastics is a global supplier of high-performance engineering thermoplastic solutions. In this interview, Matthew Beecham talked to Bert Havenith, Strategy and Intelligence Manager at DSM Engineering Plastics about the market and technical forces driving the switch from metal to plastic under-the-hood applications.

Q&A: ZF’s suspension research director on next generation technologies and the autonomous car 4 Jun 15

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one manufacturers, Matthew Beecham talked to Alexander Groß, Director Chassis Technology, Head of R&D Business Unit Suspension Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG about future suspension technologies and the ways in which its newly-merged operation with TRW can support autonomous driving.

Automotive Blog

Newsflash! Our relationship with the motor car is evolving

Dave Leggett | 30 Jun 15

It's a recurring theme. We seem to be on the cusp of big changes that will profoundly impact car manufacturers, technology providers, component suppliers and all of us who move around - especially if we live in cities.

Elon's SpaceX ship goes boom

Graeme Roberts | 29 Jun 15

Given the attention Tesla EVs attract, it's easy to forget entrepreneur and founder Elon Musk has fingers in other pies - notably operating space ships. Which can be a bit risky.

Taxing questions in France

Simon Warburton | 26 Jun 15

It's been an eventful week in French industrial relations - and that's a competitive field - as the country's hard-wired unionism exerts a summer push.

Hot Automotive Issues

How much auto industry consolidation lies ahead?

For automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, interest in M&A has accelerated recently. FCA chief Sergio Marchionne has said that more consolidation is needed among global automakers to raise scale and efficiency. In the supplier sector, too, future industrial consolidation is a hot topic. Besides the recent completion of ZF's takeover of TRW, Delphi has said it is ready to move quickly to make a major acquisition.

Mexico attracts wave of automotive industry FDI

Mexico is attracting a wave of investment from OEMs attracted to its position as a low-cost NAFTA supplier to the US as well as its favourable trading arrangements with Latin American markets to the south. Ford and Toyota are the latest OEMs to announce significant new Mexico investments.

Russian Automotive Forum sees domestic opportunity as Rouble falls

Soaring inflation, sky-high interest rates, a depreciating Rouble and a 50% drop in oil prices have seen unprecedented economic headwinds batter Russia. But despite that backdrop, domestic OEMs and suppliers saw genuine opportunity at the Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow. We've grouped all the coverage here.

Geneva 2015

If it's March, it's the Geneva show

Auto Market Research

Global light vehicle safety systems market- forecasts to 202

Global light vehicle safety systems market- forecasts to 2029

This QUBE report from just-auto provides a comprehensive overview of the global automotive safety systems sector, major suppliers, top 14 markets, technology trends and market size forecasts. Use this report to gain a quick overview of the sector and to understand the size and scope of the world's key markets.. Read more

Published: April 2015 - ($2300.00)

Global In-vehicle Entertainment and Information Systems Market 2015-2019

Published: June 2015 - ($2500.00)

Global Automotive Passive Safety Systems Market 2015-2019

Published: April 2015 - ($2500.00)

Global light vehicle instrumentation and cockpits market- forecasts to 2029

Published: April 2015 - ($1900.00)

Global light vehicle seating market- forecasts to 2029

Published: April 2015 - ($1500.00)

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