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Toyota future cars and MPVs

Toyota future cars and MPVs

How do VW and Toyota sell so many more vehicles than Stellantis, Ford and others? One reason is that neither has slashed their line-up of cars. Indeed, Toyota has the largest range of any brand, with plans for more.

How has activity in the automotive sector recovered from Covid-19?

Growth in stocks value by sector

Sector ranking (out of 18)

Sector Stocks growth
1) Automotive +89.7%
2) Technology +68.4%
3) Mining +66.7%
4) Apparel +66.0%
5) Healthcare +40.2%
6) Packaging +39.5%
7) Retail +35.1%
8) Medical +34.5%
9) Pharma +24.3%
10) Banking & Payments +19.9%

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