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Lubricating electric vehicles – Q&A with Millers Oils

23 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Lubricants are critical for cooling high-temperature components within ICE vehicles, but the challenges of cooling the higher temperatures of power electronics in electric vehicles (EVs), is an even greater task. We spoke to spoke to Martyn Mann, technical director for Millers Oils, to learn more about the specific challenges of lubricating an EV powertrain.

Real-world NOx emissions test leaves ‘dirty diesels’ nowhere to hide

8 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Today’s launch of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London is a welcome step on the road to cleaning up urban air quality but will not stop ‘dirty diesels’ from entering the capital despite controlling access based on emissions, says publishers of the AIR Index. The AIR (Allow Independent Road-testing) Index is an independent vehicle emissions rating for cars from A (the best) to E (the worst) that provides the on-road urban NOx emissions using the same independent test on every vehicle, to show the relative impact a specific vehicle has on air quality. However, AIR’s own testing has found that the Euro emissions standards bear little resemblance to what comes out of a car’s tailpipe in urban driving. There is huge variation in Euro 6 diesels, and although the latest are very clean there are still millions of dirty diesels on European roads that can emit in excess of Euro standards for urban NOx, yet still gain free access to ULEZ. The AIR Index is calling on policy makers in London and across Europe to make clean air zones more effective by tackling the issue of dirty Euro 6s – using ratings such as the AIR Index– to bring air quality into legal compliance as soon as possible. To learn more, we spoke to Nick Molden, co-founder of the AIR Index.

Deal or no deal - How Brexit could impact the UK’s automotive supply chain

8 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

May we mention the B-word? UK automotive manufacturing is currently amongst the world’s most efficient, relying on a tightly coordinated global supply chain to feed its production lines, with minimum capital employed and carefully-managed risk. Yet Brexit continues to concern the industry, including the ability of automakers and suppliers to maintain their just-in-time deliveries. We spoke to Graham Little, deputy managing director of logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical to understand what might happen, how manufacturers should prepare and why they should not plan to rely on trusted emergency techniques that have so far served them well within a joined-up Europe,

Bosch on tomorrow’s mobility solutions

4 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Bosch created a buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year by debuting a driverless electric shuttle with 'in-built mobility services designed to make shuttles suitable for everyday use.' The German auto supplier predicts that self-driving electric shuttles will become a common sight in cities worldwide. It has also pioneered automated valet parking and pushed back the technical boundaries of driver assistance systems. To learn more about these advances and the supplier’s plans for making cars smart, we spoke to Dr Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

How in-wheel electric motors can make EVs potent

3 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

There are some solid arguments for electric vehicles (EVs) in some market sectors and autonomous vehicles in particular to use in-wheel motors. To learn more, we spoke to Ben Boycott, Chief Commercial Officer, Protean Electric, a developer of in-wheel electric motors.

Auria on automotive acoustic trends

2 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Automotive acoustics is not just about laying better quality carpets or inventing ways of applying foam. An acoustic system takes into account everything in the cabin, from the dashboard to package trays. US-Chinese joint venture supplier, Auria Solutions, is an expert in this area developing and producing a range of vehicle carpet and acoustic parts. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with component suppliers, we spoke to Brian Pour, President and CEO of Auria to learn more about this business and developments in the automotive acoustics arena.

How Harman is harmonising 5G

1 Apr 2019 | Matthew Beecham

In our increasingly connected world, 2019 is predicted to be the year that 5G becomes a reality for users. In the automotive industry, some predict that this high-speed network will enable safety applications, more reliable connectivity, faster connectivity and a counteraction to network loads brought on by the increase in IoT devices. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews, we spoke to Vishnu Sundaram, Vice President, Telematics Business Unit, Harman Connected Car, to see if the hype is real for the automotive industry.

Valeo prepares for 48V growth

20 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Valeo claims that they invented the 48V mild hybrid system 15 years ago, and are already in production in China and Europe with a "significant production ramp-up" this year. The supplier further claims that advanced orders for 48V machines will make it the number one 48V mild-hybrid supplier in the world by 2020. So is its long shot on 48V mild hybrid tech now paying off? To learn more, we spoke to Michel Forissier, Chief Technology Officer of Valeo’s Powertrain Systems Business Group.up.

Ionity charges on with European network for EVs

15 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen Group are involved in a joint venture, called Ionity that is installing a high power charging network for electric vehicles across Europe. The venture is based in BMW's home city of Munich and headed by CEO Dr Michael Hajesch. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews, we spoke to Dr Hajesch to find out more.

Digital Proving Grounds - Q&A with simulation software specialist rFpro

7 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

With driving simulators becoming increasingly realistic, allowing more tests to be effectively undertaken in a virtual environment, growing numbers of proving grounds are investing in ‘digital twins’ of themselves. To learn more about what is accelerating this trend, we spoke to asked Chris Hoyle, from simulation software company rFpro.

Testing times for AVs – Q&A with AB Dynamics

6 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

The development of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is still in its infancy. How do OEMs test these vehicles to ensure they are safe on the road in the real world?  AB Dynamics has been developing testing systems for automakers for decades, pushing back the boundaries of advanced driver assistance (ADAS) test systems, the building blocks of an AV. To learn more about how the auto industry is developing testing regimes for AVs, we spoke to Jeremy Ash, Head of Commercial, AB Dynamics.

INTERVIEW - ZF board member Wilhelm Rehm

5 Mar 2019 | Simon Warburton

Wilhlm Rehm was appointed ZF board member in 2012 after many years at the German supplier working in fields such as Off-Highway and head of Location. He spoke to just-auto as the industry faces huge opportunities offered by the megatrends shaping future mobility.

Q&A with Valeo CTO of Visibility Systems

27 Feb 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Valeo’s Visibility Systems group designs and produces lighting and wiper systems that improve driver comfort and safety in all weather conditions. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with tier one component suppliers, we caught up with Christophe Le Ligné, Chief Technology Officer of the Visibility Systems Business Group at Valeo to learn more about its wiper systems and innovations.

Vulog rides the car-sharing boom

26 Feb 2019 | Matthew Beecham

French shared mobility tech firm Vulog supplies back-end software platforms for car-sharing services. It claims to offer everything needed for an operator to run a car-sharing service, working with the likes of Kia and PSA Groupe in the US, China and Europe. Last year, their platforms powered 15 million journeys. This year, they're forecasting 25 million. They're using Big Data to help clients optimise fleet efficiency and trialling autonomous ride-hailing/mobility sharing. To learn more, we spoke to Grégory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog.

EV propulsion revolution – Q&A with Equipmake

19 Feb 2019 | Matthew Beecham

UK-based electronics R&D specialist, Equipmake, has developed what it claims to be the world’s most power dense electric motor for automotive, marine and aerospace applications. Using technology first applied to F1, Equipmake’s founder, Ian Foley, was the man behind the F1 KERS hybrids in 2009 that were so successful for Williams. We caught up with him to learn more about the business and its technologies. The company’s current projects include the Ariel Hipercar and an electric bus project.

INTERVIEW – Oxbotica on its software solution for AVs

18 Feb 2019 | Mike Vousden

Oxbotica is a UK-based software company focusing on autonomous vehicles and fleet management. Mike Vousden sat down with its VP of Technology, Ben Upcroft to talk about the company's products and future prospects.

INTERVIEW - PSA's Maxime Picat

8 Feb 2019 | Dave Leggett

Groupe PSA reported a new record for sales in 2018 at 3.9m units with worldwide sales up 6.8%. In Europe, PSA said it was helped by a 'perfectly managed' new WLTP standard implementation phase. Dave Leggett caught up with Maxime Picat, Groupe PSA Executive Vice President, Operational Director Europe, to find out more.

INTERVIEW - Volvo Cars on its electrification strategy

29 Jan 2019 | Chris Wright

We talk to Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President, Volvo Cars, EMEA, about Geely-owned Volvo Cars' electrification strategy.

Prodrive’s solution to composite recycling

21 Jan 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Prodrive Composites has developed a process for manufacturing recyclable composite components that can satisfy future end-of-life requirements without compromising the performance of the original parts. To learn more, we caught up with John McQuilliam FIMMM, Chief Engineer at Prodrive Composites and board member of the British Composites Society.

Sounds right – Q&A with Harman Car Audio VP

18 Jan 2019 | Matthew Beecham

A number of automotive trends were evident at last week’s CES, notably how Artificial Intelligence, smart audio and voice control systems are shaping the in-car user experience. To learn more, we caught up with Bill Wyman, VP - Global Marketing – Car Audio, Harman.

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