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ANALYSIS - Future Alfa Romeo models

22 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

FCA is the latest OEM to have its current and future models put under the microscope for examination. The first brands in this series were Fiat and Abarth, followed by Chrysler, Dodge and Ram. Features on Jeep, Maserati and Ferrari are still to come.

Hands-On Tech - Kia Rio

19 Jan 2018 | Cat Dow

Welcome to the third feature in our newest reporting series*. Our Hands-On Tech, or HOT, Reports take you through the top-spec connectivity features offered by manufacturers in detail and look to benchmark the connectivity functionality based on various test criteria. This month we take a closer look at the Kia Rio, with a grade 3 trim spec. It’s the first car in our series to feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so we’ve also included an in-depth review of these applications.

Audi RS 3 Sportback - is 400 horsepower enough?

19 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Did anyone really think the 367PS pre-facelift RS 3 Sportback lacked power? Clearly, some did. Or perhaps Audi felt the need to trump the 381PS of the Mercedes-AMG A 45. So it gave the RS 3 another 33PS. Four hundred horsepower certainly does have a nice ring to it.

ANALYSIS - Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

18 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The latest Tiguan has been available since 2016. Now comes the extended wheelbase seven-seater, which has more differences compared to the standard model than had been expected.

Ford launches updated Romanian EcoSport in UK

17 Jan 2018 | Chris Wright

You don’t have to rewind too many years to a time when the only SUVs on the roads were either in the US or limited to the off-road specialist makers. Now everyone has one, from the cheapest volume maker to the high-end sports car – even Ferrari has one in the pipeline. By 2020 one in three cars will be an SUV.

ANALYSIS - future Chrysler, Dodge and Ram models

17 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The success of the new Ram 1500 is key to FCA. Should this high-margin pick-up become an even better seller than the old-shape model, it will see the final flames of what had once been a massive cash burn extinguished this year. Following a recent feature on Fiat and Abarth, this report takes a look at what else is in the pipeline for Ram, as well as for the Chrysler and Dodge brands.

ANALYSIS - Future Fiat and Abarth models

15 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The first chapter in a series of articles exploring the current and next models from FCA Italy's stable of makes centres on the Fiat brand, as well as Abarth. This will be followed over the coming weeks by explorations of what's ahead for Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari. Even though Italians bought 60,000 Ypsilons during 2017, Lancia has no future models.

SNAPSHOT - AGVs in manufacturing at SEAT's Martorell plant

11 Jan 2018 | Dave Leggett

Volkswagen Group brand SEAT has released details of its intelligent robots' operations at its Martorell, Spain, manufacturing plant.

Can SEAT top 500,000 sales in 2018 with new Ibiza?

11 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Volkswagen recently said that it had produced 14 million Polos since the first model was introduced in 1975. SEAT, an infinitely smaller company, introduced its similarly sized Ibiza in 1984. As it ramps up production of the fifth generation model, the total built at Martorell has just reached 5.6 million. The new car is more than good enough to push that total above 6 million within four years, maybe even three.

Britain's new Volkswagen Polo - out of Africa

10 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Volkswagen Group South Africa still builds the fourth and fifth generation Polos at its Uitenhage factory near P.E. in the Eastern Cape. Following a major investment in the MQB A0 architecture, the plant is now also producing the new, sixth generation model for export to other RHD countries. The made-in-Africa Polo is now available in Britain.

Korean auto industry slumps at end of 2017 - ANALYSIS

9 Jan 2018 | Tony Pugliese

As sluggish sales in China and the US hit export volumes, Korean automakers are also suffering the adverse domestic market impacts of industrial action impacting Hyundai and resultant intensified competitive conditions.

Great Wall Motor - soon to be selling more SUVs than Jeep?

9 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

GWM has been surfing the SUV wave in China longer than most. Its Haval H6 for many years challenged the Wuling Hongguang for the title of best selling model and in 2017, the H6 was finally replaced. It finished the year in third place behind SAIC, GM and Wuling's MPV and SAIC Volkswagen's Lavida. Could Great Wall's SUV brand be sinking or will it bounce back?

ANALYSIS - New Renault Kadjar TCe 165

8 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The Kadjar, a big seller across Europe, has always had one major weakness in its powertrain choices. The 1.2-litre petrol engine has a great CO2 number but lacks the torque that people switching from diesel are used to. So, supporting the TCe 130, in comes a new 1.6-litre unit, the TCe 165.

Electric cars - Can Porsche make them profitable as well as sexy?

4 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Porsche hasn't been a sports car company for a long time: SUVs and the Panamera are the reason why this once small firm produces such enormous profits and large numbers of vehicles. Spending is now well underway for the addition of electric models. Might Porsche become the first firm to experience both sales and financial success from high-priced EVs?

ANALYSIS - Future SUVs and electric Audi models

3 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

This is the second chapter of two concerning current and future Audi vehicles. The first looked at sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, coupes and convertibles. Now comes an in-depth round up of what the company is planning for SUVs and electrified vehicles. The final part of this series on the Volkswagen Group's divisions will be all about Porsche.

ANALYSIS - Audi future models Part 1 of 2

2 Jan 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The latest brand to be looked at as part of just-auto's overview of the Volkswagen Group's passenger car divisions is Audi. This follows features on VW, Škoda, SEAT, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini. After a second Audi chapter (SUVs and electrified models), the series will reach its conclusion with a focus on Porsche.

Global automakers in major new-energy overhaul - ANALYSIS

22 Dec 2017 | Tony Pugliese

Automakers around the world have stepped up their efforts to expand into the new-energy vehicle (NEV) segment, in what is being described as the most far-reaching overhaul of the global automotive industry in many decades.

Can newly updated Lexus CT 200h still compete?

21 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Sometimes, Toyota Motor Corporation does curious things. The new Lexus LC and LS are clearly money no object designs. Why then has it chosen to extend the life of the seven-year old CT 200h with another facelift, when the car was, to be polite, not exactly state of the art?

ANALYSIS - Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini future vehicles

20 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

After reviewing Volkswagen, Škoda and SEAT, and with Audi and Porsche still to come, just-auto's series on the future models of the Volkswagen Group now turns to the three smallest volume luxury brands.

Why FCA was right to tap Mitsubishi for Fiat Fullback pick-up

19 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

FCA turned to Mazda when it wanted RWD roadsters for its Fiat and Abarth brands. Then, when it sought expertise in one-tonne pick-ups, the company signed a deal to have Mitsubishi Motors supply Fiat and Fiat Professional with an L200-based model. We know how great the two 124 Spiders turned out to be, but just how good is the Fullback?

Interior design and technology – Honda HR-V

18 Dec 2017 | Matthew Beecham

The second-generation Honda HR-V is designed to appeal to young singles and pre-family couples. Its rivals include the popular yet quirky Nissan Juke and Kia Soul. Continuing QUBE/just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we shine a light on this subcompact SUV to see what’s new.

ANALYSIS - Skoda future models

18 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Škoda has come a long way in a relatively short period. Sales keep rising, especially in China and Europe, and profits with them. This, more than any other, is the division which can seemingly do no wrong within the Volkswagen Group family of companies and brands.

Volkswagen goes after Qashqai with Bamtastic T-Roc

15 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Volkswagen has at long last entered Europe's C-crossover segment, with a rival for the Qashqai. The T-Roc is strong on driving dynamics and, from certain angles, looks. One major surprise however, is an interior with plastics which will disappoint anyone who owns a Golf or Polo. Is this the first new vehicle to suffer from the company's post-emissions scandal cost cutting?

The Ingenium petrol Evoque - any good?

14 Dec 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Last time I spent more than 10 minutes with a Range Rover product: it had an inline six cylinder engine. Diesel. Made by BMW. That long ago.

ANALYSIS - Future EVs and SUVs will transform SEAT

13 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

This year, SEAT has finally pleased its paymasters in Wolfsburg. The company might not yet be exactly awash with cash, but the black ink is at last flowing. The Volkswagen Group's belief that its Spanish outpost could be turned around saw the Germans injecting much money and goodwill into SEAT. Crucially, it was put to good use in the form of adding SUVs. More models are on the way.

ANALYSIS - Future Volkswagen EVs and SUVs

12 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

In this final part of three articles which discuss the current and future models plans for the Volkswagen passenger car brands, just-auto takes a look at electrified models, crossovers and SUVs. This follows features which looked at cars, and then pick-ups and MPVs.

ANALYSIS - Audi ditches the V8 in new RS 5

8 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

The old RS 5 Coupé sounded so much better than its BMW M4 rival, so why has Audi dropped the sonorous 4.2-litre V8 and replaced it with a muted turbo V6 in the new model?

Hyundai expands car-sharing with Korean start-up

8 Dec 2017 | Dave Leggett

Hyundai Motor is planning to expand its car-sharing activity through a deepening of its collaboration with Korean ride-share start-up Luxi.

ANALYSIS - Volkswagen architectures and future models Part 2

7 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Future models plans for all of the Volkswagen Group's passenger car brands are being covered in this latest series of articles. First off, it was a look at Volkswagen itself with a round up of what's available now and what's ahead for VW cars. This is now followed by a feature concerning pick-ups and MPVs. Another, which concentrates on electrified models, crossovers and SUVs, is to come.

ANALYSIS - Volkswagen architectures and future models Part 1

6 Dec 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Future models plans for all of the Volkswagen Group's passenger car brands are being covered in a new series of articles. First off, it's a look at Volkswagen itself with a round up of what's available now and what's ahead for VW cars. This will be followed by a feature concerning pick-ups and MPVs, and then by another which concentrates on electrified models, crossovers and SUVs.

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