NVIDIA has said there is nothing it is working on that is “more complex” than the self driving car.

Speaking at this week’s CES in Las Vegas where the technology specialist unveiled a major partnership with German supplier ZF, NVIDIA outlined some of its autonomous thinking.

“All the algorithms that go into AI – whether it is consumer services, Google or breakthroughs – required somebody with the ability to think through how to make the entire [product] work,” said NVIDIA VP automotive machines, Rob Csongor.

“[But] from a computing point of view, there is nothing more complex NVIDIA is working on than the self-driving car.

“It is designed to have such an incredible impact on society [and] the challenge for carmakers is immense. The reality is there are computing algorithms and in the case of self-driving cars the bar is not absolute perfection, the bar is human and, today, humans are killing 3,000 people every day [in car accidents].

“We are motivated by a moral mission, which is to save lives.”

Turning his attention to whether or not consumers would readily accept driverless technology, Csongor cited examples where initial hostility had given way to everyday acceptance.

“There is absolutely a lot of data on how people will respond,” he added. “Even elevators [lifts] used to be driven by humans and now they are automated.

“People were throwing rocks at cars in the horse and buggy period.”