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How to reduce diesel emissions in agricultural machinery

With clean Euro VI vehicles dominating European truck fleets, the emphasis on reducing diesel emissions is now switching to agricultural machines.

Development of New Low Ash Loading Oil for Diesel Engine

Increasingly stringent exhaust gas legislation is raising the need for exhaust gas aftertreatment in commercial vehicles and work machines.

Safe and sustainable transportation: equalising the opportunities

Max Verberne, GM of Aftermarket at Seeing Machines, discusses how technology is the key to helping the transport sector become more sustainable – and safer.

The Complexities of Modern Automotive Software

In a new series of podcasts, Conor Peick, Thought Leadership Writer, will be joined by co-host Nand Kochhar, Vice President of Automotive and Transportation Industries.

Digital Transformation of the Car Development Process with Dr. Siegmar Haasis – Part 2

Most people think it just takes a bunch of robots and a few people putting the components together. They aren’t wrong. However, that is just the final stage, the assembly line.

Digital Transformation of the Car Development Process with Dr. Siegmar Haasis – Part 1

How market trends, systems engineering and digital twins are reshaping the auto industry.

The Next Leap for Electric Vehicles with Will Graylin, Indigo Technologies – Part 1

Filling the gap between micro mobility with affordable EV’s that ride like luxury sedans.

Our Robotic Future with Marc Theermann CSO Boston Dynamics – Part 2

What might it be like 50-100 years from now in a world enriched by our robot companions?

Championing Sustainability in Motorsport with Alejandro Agag- Part 2

Electric vehicle motorsport, the evolution of Formula E and our mobility future.