Electric vehicles are the future but we are still miles away from mass adoption. One of the biggest constraints facing the EV market is the cost of acquisition. The best ones are just too expensive. No wonder a significant percentage of the population views them as luxury vehicles!

Most investments in the field of EVs have been directed towards increasing both the battery capacity and charging speed. However, the game-changing innovation in this industry will have to address the two main challenges: cost and single-charge distance. Whoever manages to kill these two birds with one stone will be well on their way to considerable industry disruption.

In this episode, the first part out of two, Ed Bernardon interviews Will Graylin, a seasoned innovator who is the CEO of both an electric vehicles company Indigo, and digital wallet company OV Loop. He’ll help understand the state of the EV industry and the impact they expect to make with the two companies. He’ll also share his entrepreneurial journey with us and the lessons learned along the way.