DaimlerChrysler.gif” width=”159″ height=”86″ align=”right” vspace=”10″ hspace=”10″>Poor
September sales figures (down 28% year-on-year) and inventory build-up have
caused DaimlerChrysler to idle five assembly plants for part of October, The
Associated Press reports.

The temporary shutdowns will result in 26,000 vehicles being taken out of production.

Two plants in Windsor, Ontario, are being shut down this week. Windsor Assembly
builds minivans and the Pilette plant assembles Ram Van Wagons. The Pilette
plant also will be closed during the week of Oct. 22.

The St. Louis South assembly plant in Fenton, Mo., will shut down during the
week of Oct. 8. It also builds minivans.

During the week of Oct. 15, Jefferson North in Detroit, which builds the Jeep
Grand Cherokee and the Newark, Del. plant, which builds the Dodge Durango will
be idled.
Approximately 15,000 employees will be affected.

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