Just a day after Holden in Australia announced it was going after police cruiser business in North America, Mitsubishi UK said its all-electric i MiEV city car will be trialled by a number of police forces, starting with West Midlands.

The i MiEV in full force livery was shown at the National Police Show in September and, according to the automaker, it has since has been “inundated” with requests from UK police forces to trial the EV.

Mitsubishi said the 100-mile (160km) range and 81mph (120km/h) top speed make the car ideal vehicle for urban policing, particularly for a community policing role. 

The first full-production i MiEVs arrive in the UK in November 2009 and will be on the road in December 2009, with West Midlands Police being the first force to run the vehicle in full operational use.