BMW’s Oxford, UK-built Mini holds its value better over three years than any other car on sale in Britain, according to car price guide specialist EurotaxGlass’s.

It said that after five years on sale, the second generation model, like its predecessor, has achieved a cult following and is one of the few cars on the market to be held in equal regard by all types of car buyer.

High build quality (though a respected UK consumer guide mentions quality niggles), appealing design and excellent performance and handling characteristics all combine to justify its position as one of the country’s most ‘in-demand’ cars, according to EurotaxGlass’s.

“In valuation terms the Mini has achieved a remarkable performance, particularly for a car that is now in its fifth year,” said spokesman Richard Crosthwaite. “Demand for the car remains sky-high thanks to its very obvious virtues. In terms of residual value, it is rare for a car to outperform the best of the prestige sector, particularly the established star performers such as Porsche.”

Glass’s Guide currently says that the base model Mini One retains 66% of purchase price over three year and 36,000 miles. Other star performers include the Honda Jazz (Fit) 1.4 (62%) and the Porsche Boxster 2.7 (62%).