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Mazda’s UK advertising with the “Zoom Zoom” tagline is to continue for at least the next year with media and marketing spend increasing from £23 million this year to £27.5 million in 2003.

The increase will be used to promote two new models in the next 12 months following this summer’s introduction of the 6. The 2 supermini will be launched in the UK in March followed by the flagship sports RX-8 in July.

The Zoom Zoom campaign has been very successful according to Rob Lindley, marketing director of Mazda UK. The song was discovered on a film track from an obscure kick-boxing movie.

“At the time we were looking at how we capture the emotion or thrill young children get from learning new experiences. Someone saw this film and the song just fitted,” he said.

The advertising campaign was launched in the UK in January and is also used in North America and Europe.

“We do measure the effect the advertising is having through an outside agency,” said Lindley. “Before the campaign started there was 38% awareness of the Mazda brand and we have now moved that up to 46%. We would like to achieve 50% which is not too far behind Toyota.”

Lindley recognises that there is still work to be done on Mazda’s brand image. Its most successful model over the past decade has been the MX-5 sports car, but this was marketed as a model in its own right rather than under the Mazda name.
“It is something we have had to address,” said Lindley “This is why we make sure our badging and advertising is clearly marked with the Mazda brand.”

Although recognising Mazda is a relatively small player in the UK market, Lindley said the company planned to “out-punch its weight” in terms of advertising.  “If we are a 1% player we want one and a half per cent media voice and that will increase pro rata.”