Industrial unrest could be looming for Ford’s British luxury car operation Jaguar.

The trade union AMICUS will hold meetings on Wednesday 27th November to brief Jaguar staff over what it calls “unacceptable strings that the company has attached to the 2002 pay offer” before commencing an industrial action ballot.

According to Amicus, Jaguar staff employed at its four sites have been offered a two year pay deal worth 4% this year and a minimum of 3% next year. The “unacceptable strings” include the introduction of performance related pay and compulsory unpaid overtime of up to one hour a day.

Amicus members employed at the four sites including Halewood, Whitley, Browns Lane and Castle Bromwich have already held a consultative ballot, which “overwhelmingly” rejected Jaguar’s offer.

Amicus national secretary Terry Pye, said: “We are holding these meetings to inform Jaguar staff of the intention to head to an industrial action ballot over the unacceptable strings that the company are insisting on including in this years pay deal.

“Amicus members have already rejected the offer in a consultative ballot across the four sites. It is not acceptable to include compulsory unpaid overtime and performance related pay as part of the pay deal.

“Feelings are running strong across the four sites with a surge in new member applications indicating wholesale support for the stance that we are taking.”