As heralded by just-auto last May, General Motors UK headquarters in Luton has now assumed official responsibility for sales, marketing, distribution and aftersales for Cadillac, Corvette and Hummer here following talks with official European importer Kroymans Corporation and General Motors Europe.

Moves to involve GM’s own HQ more closely in marketing of the North American brands was first reported back in January.

GMUK said it would continue to work with the Netherland-based Kroymans Group and the Pendragon Group which retails Cadillac and Corvette in the UK.

Since a high-profile launch in 2004, both Kroymans and Cadillac have reduced their sales targets and the UK dealer network has not grown as much as originally planned.

Kroymans will continue to provide ‘back office’ services for GM in the UK.

GM said its expertise in Chevrolet (GM-Daewoo Korea, rather than North American-sourced), Vauxhall and Saab retail and business sales, marketing and aftersales operations “will be leveraged across the three new premium brands”.

Cadillac and Corvette will continue to be retailed through the established Pendragon outlets while Hummer will be sold through a new network currently being established.

Saab Great Britain managing director Jonathan Nash will add the role of director in charge of the three North American brands to his responsibilities.

The existing Cadillac/Corvette network will have five outlets with a new site in Edinburgh joining existing operations in Birmingham, Park Lane London, Newcastle and Reading.

A roster of Hummer retailers will be announced nearer to the start of sales in September as South African-built H3s become available.

Hummer is marketed in the UK as a niche SUV with the slogan ‘Like Nothing Else’. A small number of H2s have already been sold and privately-imported models are also on the road.

GMUK plans to extend the retail network with a number of new outlets in key metropolitan areas of the UK over the next two years.

All petrol engine Hummers will have a bio-fuel option within three years and the upcoming H3 will be offered with a diesel engine “in the medium term”.

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