AvtoVAZ is no longer the Russian market’s number one, the combined sales of Hyundai and Kia having exceeded those of Lada for the first time. 

Vehicle registrations data for the year to the end of April show Lada sales dropping by 29% to 91,413 (128,633 for 1 Jan-30 Apr 2014), compared to 49,932 (60,033) for Kia and 53,542 (57,240) for Hyundai. The Korean brands’ sales fell by 17% and 6% respectively. The market for the four months to the end of April 2015 is off by 38%.

The main problem for the Lada brand is the collapse in sales of the Kalina and Largus, though the 4×4 and the country’s number one model, the Granta, have held up relatively well.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance would likely argue that it remains Russia’s largest OEM, if sales for Lada and its own two volume brands are combined. For the year to date, Renault sales are down by 41% to 37,684 and those for Nissan have fallen by 44% to 33,782.