Plugsurfing and &Charge have started long-term co-operation to bring electric car drivers easier access to public charging.

The &Charge customers now have the option to redeem collected kilometres at points across Europe through Plugsurfing, the Europe-wide charging point aggregator.

After the launch of the &Charge app in January this year, the service has grown across Germany into Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. This allows customers to shop with partners online and offline and receive free ‘kilometres’ towards electric mobility services.

“We are very pleased with this cooperation,” said &Charge founder and CEO, Eugen Letkemann. “Plugsurfing is a pioneer in the field of EMobility and has been an early advocate of pan-European roaming and easy, customer-friendly access to the charging infrastructure.

“This is exactly where our platform comes in, providing valuable value-added services that significantly enrich the EV driver’s customer journey. Accordingly, we are bundling our strengths and complement each other very well in this partnership.”

Within the framework of the partnership, various services will be integrated. As a first step, customers can redeem earned kilometres for Plugsurfing charging vouchers. Additionally, Plugsurfing customers can continue to strive for greater sustainability, through the carbon offsetting module developed by &Charge.

Currently integrated into the Plugsurfing service for drivers subscribed to Plugsurfing Plus, every charging session for subscribers is made climate neutral by &Charge, in order to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced.

“At Plugsurfing we welcome the innovative approach &Charge is taking,” added Plugsurfing co-founder, Adam Woolway. We ourselves see as we move from early stage to mass-market of EV adoption, drivers want more from the mobility partners they choose.

“This is both in terms of the value they get for their euro and deeper assurances their mode of transport is as green as it can be. Together with &Charge, we can strengthen our core principles of making car charging easy, affordable and carbon neutral.

Later this year, deeper technical integration will follow, focused on features which decrease the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle.

As well as a fully-automated redemption of kilometres, content sharing features, such as the option to submit charging station photos in exchange for free ‘kilometres,’ reward drivers.