Automotive parts manufacturer Denso says it has “basically suspended” production in Japan for today (15 March) and tomorrow, adding four of its employees were still unaccounted for.

The company said its Denso Tohoku sales office had suffered “severe damage,” but added it was still assessing the situation. Its North American operation has not been affected.

“We are still grasping the full magnitude of the situation,” Denso senior communications specialist Bridgette Gollinger told just-auto “We don’t have all the answers, but we are assessing the situation on a day to basis.

“Our North American operations are not impacted, but like any other supplier in the auto [industry] we are investigating issues with the supply chain. We will have a better understanding next week and beyond but it is really too early to tell.”

Denso said it had started to dispatch employees and send support goods to the areas affected by the earthquake.

It will also provide the buildings of Denso East Japan, located in Tamura City, Fukushima, as an emergency evacuation area and accept evacuees.

“With hopes for the safety of the people affected by the earthquake and the early recovery of the affected area, Denso will continue to provide its utmost support in relief efforts,” the company said in a statement.