Shai Agassi has stepped down as CEO of Better Place amid talk of clashes with the board on company strategy.

Agassi, the founder of the battery-swap company, will continue as a board member and shareholder in the company.

Better Place announced the promotion of Evan Thornley, Chief Executive Officer of Better Place Australia, to CEO of the global company.

“Under Shai’s leadership, we’ve successfully achieved our goals in the first chapter of Better Place, and we owe Shai our gratitude for turning his powerful vision into a reality,” said Idan Ofer, Chairman of the Better Place Board of Directors. “It is almost five years to the day since Shai launched Better Place and a natural point in the company’s evolution to realign for its second chapter and for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our board has long prepared to ensure that Better Place has a strong bench of talented executives in place to support the CEO and a clear succession plan to ensure a smooth leadership transition and we are fortunate to have such a strong leadership team within Better Place.”

Agassi, a former senior executive at German software giant SAP, launched Better Place in 2007, offering a vision of a world without gasoline-powered automobiles replaced by EVs served by a network of battery swap stations.