German passenger car production rose 12% in February from a year ago while new registrations remained unchanged, the German Association of Automobile Manufacturers, or VDA, said Tuesday, according to Dow Jones.

The association said February production rose to 447,500 cars. Registrations were 233,000. Also in February, exports of German passenger cars increased 11% on the year to 308,600, Dow Jones reported.

“Purchases made in advance of announced price increases as well as order incentives for dealers and consumers helped domestic demand in February 2003,” VDA said in a written statement, explaining a monthly rise of 16% in incoming orders, Dow Jones said.

Nevertheless, Dow Jones noted, passenger car registrations in the first two months of the year declined 1% to 470,000 vehicles, the lowest volume for this period since German reunification in late 1990.

“There’s still no indication of a recovery in passenger car registrations,” VDA said, according to Dow Jones.