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Global Vendor of Embedded and Connected Automotive Software Products and Services for The Automotive Industry

Elektrobit is a globally recognised vendor in the automotive industry, specialising in award-winning embedded and connected software products and services. With over 35 years of experience and leadership in automotive software, Elektrobit has powered more than 600 million vehicles, contributing to over five billion devices worldwide.


Renowned for its visionary approach, Elektrobit delivers flexible and innovative solutions across various domains, including car infrastructure software, connectivity and security, automated driving, and user experience. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental, Elektrobit operates independently, ensuring a seamless blend of autonomy and global support.

Co-create the future of software-defined mobility with Elektrobit, where excellence, innovation, and reliability converge to shape the industry’s landscape. Elektrobit paves the way for a connected and advanced automotive experience.

Automotive OS framework for seamless SDV development

At Elektrobit, the company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its comprehensive product portfolio, which is specifically designed to form the best foundation for the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) platform. This includes cutting-edge software execution platforms, such as Real-Time Computing (RTC) and High-Performance Computing (HPC), equipped with virtualisation kits. In addition, Elektrobit also provides software-enabled networking and communication solutions, ensuring a holistic approach to SDV development.

EB zoneo- efficient and reliable solution for scalable, safe, and secure in-vehicle networks.
EB zentur HSM firmware stack for building a stable foundation for your automotive security.
EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu.
EB corbos Hypervisor.
Elektrobit Digital Life Experience (DLE) infotainment user experience solutions.
Android AOS app store.
Truck cockpit reference HMI app store.
Truck cockpit reference HMI cluster instrument.
Your headstart in electronic horizon develompent - EB robinos Preditcor Eval Kit.
Know the road ahead with EB robinos.

Tailored solutions for SDV visions

Elektrobit is a trusted partner for delivering key non-differentiated elements of the software-defined vehicle platform. With an industry-leading in-house services division, the company offers the unique capability to customise Real-Time Computing (RTC) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to align seamlessly with customers’ automotive operating system visions. Elektrobit’s aim is to accelerate SDV development by providing ready-made, road-tested, and seamlessly integrated solutions.

SDV safety and flexibility

Elektrobit’s offerings extend to include a real-time safety operating system, EB tresos safety OS, providing a crucial layer of protection against software failures and malfunctions. The company integrates Android for a familiar user interface and a wide range of third-party apps, ensuring a personalised in-car experience. In addition, Elektrobit’s Linux solution (EB corbos Linux) stands out for its flexibility and open-source nature, running on a diverse range of hardware platforms. To guarantee safety and real-time functionality, it offer hypervisors, such as EB corbos Hypervisor and EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor.

End-to-end SDV solutions

Elektrobit’s cloud-first workflows and virtualisation strategy, inclusive of validation, verification, and testing offerings, paves the way for the future of connected mobility. With a focus on functional safety, certified up to ASIL-D (EB tresos Safety), and state-of-the-art security supporting UNECE WP.29, the company’s solutions, including EB cadian and EB zentur, ensure a holistic security approach for connected vehicles. Elektrobit provides a complete tool chain for secure software and firmware updates over the air with EB cadian Sync.

Benefits of Elektrobit’s SDV solutions

The company’s solutions offer a broad range of real-time applications, ensuring a fast time to market for automotive innovations. The seamless integration of the latest microcontrollers, combined with tools that leverage innovative and reliable functions, allows users to optimise efforts, resources, and budgets. Elektrobit ensures trusted data exchange on all levels, from Electronic Control Units (ECU) to the cloud, providing platform-independent, modular onboard software components with flexible deployment to cloud backends. With a unique combination of two decades of embedded experience and the latest cloud computing skills, Elektrobit is poised to help customers drive the automotive industry forward.

Digital life experience

Daily life doesn’t pause when customers enter their vehicle. Elektrobit’s Digital Life Experience services extend beyond User Experience (UX) to the realisation of users’ Software-Defined visions, creating emotionally engaging experiences. The company serves as a transformation partner for the industrialisation of the software-defined vehicle, offering consulting to systems engineering. From design, concepting, and prototyping to development, integration, execution, validation, and maintenance, Elektrobit brings software divisions to life.

Elektrobit’s capabilities span all scales, catering to small or large projects, and encompass all tech environments, including legacy systems and OEM-specific systems. Whether it’s crafting a digital cockpit for cars or enhancing in-vehicle infotainment between driver and passenger, Elektrobit collaborates seamlessly with industry leaders, like Qualcomm and Infineon, to ensure the realisation of digital automotive visions. As the company embraces the software-defined vehicle approach, it empowers users to realise their end-to-end Auto.OS vision and also architect, execute, integrate, and validate systems that redefine the automotive experience.

Elektrobit works to drive innovation and transform the future of mobility. For more information, please follow the contact details at the top of the profile.

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