The foundation for building your automotive security.

Elektrobit offers a full and flexible HSM firmware stack toward building a more stable foundation for automotive security – providing robustness, resistance to attacks, and reliability.

EB zentur works seamlessly with Elektrobit’s EB tresos and other Classic AUTOSAR-compliant stacks to provide a full-stack AUTOSAR solution enhanced with hardware-level security. It covers the HSM needs of various OEMs and supports the leading micro controller platforms.


  • Faster cryptographic performance and improved bandwidth leads to shorter wait times and less load on the main processor
  • Optimised main core RAM usage
  • Full-stack AUTOSAR solution with cost-optimised seamless integration into EB tresos from single source
  • State-of-the-art AUTOSAR hardware-level security system
  • Dual AUTOSAR stack support for reduced time to market
  • Flexibility with tailor-made OEM extensions and customisation

Key features:

  • Hardware trust anchor
  • Hardware security for key storage
  • Hardware-accelerated cryptographic operations for secure communication, authentication, and access control

Full hardware security enabled by EB zentur HSM Firmware and crypto drivers:

EB zentur HSM firmware

Elektrobit’s HSM firmware is a dedicated software for a hardware security module (HSM) to enable its functionality.

  • SHE/SHE+ and EVITA light/medium/full
  • OEM-specific features
  • Customised feature sets
  • Certificate management
  • HSM firmware update
  • Extended secure boot
  • Symmetric and asymmetric keys
  • Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
  • Signature verification
  • Life cycle management

EB zentur CDH

The communication between host and HSM is encapsulated via EB zentur Crypto Driver Hardware (CDH) to allow a seamless and reliable integration into Classic AUTOSAR stack.

  • Communication with HSM firmware
  • Configurable with EB tresos Studio
  • Available for third-party HSM implementations

For more information, please download the product brochure.