Elektrobit today announced EB zoneo GatewayCore, the first software product to enable, configure and integrate the new generation of hardware accelerators of modern micro controllers for use in advanced automotive electrical/electronic architectures, based on the widely adopted Classic AUTOSAR standard. Available today on Infineon’s AURIX™ TC4x, the new software simplifies the configuration of complex networking gateway use cases, reducing time, integration efforts and costs for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

EB zoneo GatewayCore effectively bridges the gap that currently exists between hardware-dependent accelerators and Classic AUTOSAR. The tool provides flexible support for the most complex routing scenarios. This integrated hardware-software approach significantly improves the processing latency of information and simultaneously reduces the CPU load and power consumption for network-related tasks.

The new software was developed in close collaboration with leading hardware vendors, including Infineon. As an example of possible performance gains, on the Infineon AURIX™ TC4x, EB zoneo GatewayCore is capable of significantly accelerating controller-area network (CAN)-to-CAN or CAN-to-IEEE1722 routing on TC4x in terms of latency, with zero CPU load. This was achieved by using an optimum combination of hardware blocks from Infineon and Elektrobit’s EB zoneo.

“EB zoneo GatewayCore combined with Infineon’s AURIX™ TC4x delivers the powerful one-two punch OEMs need to develop next-generation in-vehicle networks,” said Infineon vice-president ADAS, Chassis and EE-Architecture Lars Wemme. “Together with Elektrobit, we are saving carmakers and Tier 1s time and money so they can focus their resources on other aspects of vehicle development while benefiting from a faster, more efficient network. Our routing engines completely offload the MCU cores from data routing and keep resources for application code to our customers.”

Infineon’s AURIX™ TC4x family of microcontrollers push the boundaries in automotive microcontroller usage for safe and secured processing, and are designed for next generation eMobility, ADAS, E/E architectures, and affordable artificial intelligence applications. The first AURIX™ TC4x engineering samples have already been shipped to lead customers for their design-in activities.

“Traditionally, a variety of different tools must be used to configure the hardware-related and basic software-related parts in the AUTOSAR environment,” said Elektrobit managing director Mike Robertson. “With EB zoneo GatewayCore and Infineon’s AURIX™ TC4x we’re streamlining the process and making it easier for carmakers to introduce new vehicle functions that require high-speed, reliable, and secure in-vehicle networks.”

Learn more about EB zoneo GatewayCore by following the links on our profile or visiting the Elektrobit website.