Finnish companies VISEDO and SISU Auto have teamed to develop a hybrid electric parallel power system for the heavy truck market capable of delivering 850kW (1140hp) and more than 5000Nm torque.

Launched at this year’s Kuljetus transport tradeshow in Finland, the system marks a milestone for hybrid electric power to deliver fuel-savings and emissions reductions in the heavy road transport sector.

Visedo, Finnish manufacturer of heavy duty hybrid and electric power, developed the electric power system for a proof of concept vehicle, integrating the parallel hybrid drive, which draws power from both an electric motor and a diesel engine connected via the same axle.

The electric motor assists the diesel engine during peak periods and charges energy storage during the off-peak via supercapacitors.

Locating the electric motor between the engine and gearbox ensures assembly with no need to alter the existing chassis or suspension structure.