A Venezuelan court has ordered the arrest of three executives of General Motors’ Venezuelan unit for failing to obey a court summons in a commercial dispute, a state prosecutor said on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Jose Benigno Rojas told the news agency the detention orders were issued last week for Michael Nylin, the US president of General Motors Venezolana, and two other senior executives, Hugo Wieland and Luis Mejias Aleman. The company is the biggest vehicle assembler in the South American country, the report noted.

“There is an arrest order out for them … for contempt of court,” Rojas, who is handling the case, told Reuters, which added that a request had also been passed on to the international police organisation Interpol to detain the three. Rojas reportedly said he did not know whether the three were still in the country.

According to Reuters, Rojas said Nylin, Wieland and Mejias had ignored repeated official summonses to appear in court to answer a case brought against the US-owned company by two local GM dealerships, Automotriz Latino and El Central Mercantil, located in western Zulia state.

These dealers had obtained a Supreme Court injunction against an earlier move by General Motors Venezolana to end their concessions and had argued that the move infringed their economic rights under Venezuela’s constitution, Reuters added.

“They (General Motors) did not obey the injunction,” Rojas told Reuters.