Valmet Automotive has started three shifts today (10 July) for the first time following strong demand for Mercedes-Benz models which it manufactures.

The paintshop and GLC-dedicated bodyshop have been in three shifts since May and today, general assembly will follow suit. At this stage, the shift pattern consists of three blocks working five days a week. In August, the pattern will change to six working days per week. 

“Our production volumes are increasing continuously,” said Valmet EVP Manufacturing Business Line, Pasi Rannus. “At the moment, we are manufacturing two high volume models, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the GLC SUV.

“According to the plans, we will reach a new production record at the Uusikaupunki plant this year.”

Valmet Automotive has been recruiting in large numbers of late, with growing production volume combining with the need to move into a three shift operation. Also support organisation for production has increased considerably.

In January this year, Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki plant personnel totalled 1,900 and has now risen to 3,500. 

The increase in operations is visible at the plant in extended production and social welfare facilities, staff restaurant and parking area.

Bus lines for commuting from Turku to the plant have already been adjusted to the needs of three-shift operations.