Toyota launched its new “Moving Forward” tagline on Tuesday night with network TV commercials across the US.

“This is an important step for our brand,” said Jim Lentz, group vice president of Toyota marketing. “‘Moving Forward’ means that we have a passion for innovation and discovery and that we’re never standing still.  As a result, we’re designing and building cars and trucks that help our customers achieve their goals.”

The new brand will be showcased in a dedicated television commercial and will be used for model-specific spots, as well.

The strategy of “Moving Forward” was developed through a year-long research process with Toyota’s advertising agency partners.

The phrase will be modified to reflect the individual cultural values of the Hispanic and Chinese markets. For the Hispanic market, Toyota’s ads will incorporate “Avanza Confiado,” which means “Moving Forward with confidence.” The Chinese ads will use a phrase that translates to “Moving Forward and pursuing your dreams.”

In addition to using “Moving Forward” for customers, Toyota will use it with dealers and associates.