Land Rover North America (LRNA) is to launch an extensive marketing campaign targeting its flagship model line. For the first time in over five years, the brand will run a national TV campaign, coupled with print, website, outdoor and event marketing activities throughout the summer, all intended to launch the 2004 Range Rover.

“Following on the heels of one of Land Rover’s most successful launches, this campaign is intended to continue the sales momentum of the new Range Rover into 2004,” said LRNA marketing head Sally Eastwood.

A national advertising campaign running for six-weeks will target national cable and primetime network television outlets in Land Rover’s top 15 markets. Running until the end of August, the campaign also includes an outdoor media campaign with new ads developed to target both outdoor billboards and print publications.

There will also be local newspaper ads with local television and radio spots throughout the summer.

Land Rover is also targeting individual potential buyers through its so-called “Range Rover Experience”, which sees guests invited to attend one of six events around the country, all set either in resort locations or private country homes. The event combines one-on-one off-road driving instruction with “cultural, culinary and adrenalin adventures”. Guided by driving instructors, the guests learn off-road driving techniques.

These events are designed to showcase the capabilities of the vehicle in extreme conditions and luxury is a common theme throughout the event, with experiences offered as part of the program including exotic chocolate tasting, rare orchid demonstrations, professional sporting clay shooting instruction, a falconry demonstration and an outdoor grilling display.