The Patent & License Exchange has named the ‘ten hottest automotive & transportation technology niche markets’ as determined by the organisation’s browser-based IP valuation calculator, TRRU® metrics.

The top ten technologies, based on equity market indicators and TRRU metrics, as of September 27, 2001:

Top Ten Automotive/Transportation
Technology Markets

1. Fuel Cell Technology
2. Automotive Metal Fabrication Technology
3. Electrical System Technology
4. Mirror Technology
5. Glass and Glass Coating Technology
6. Battery Technology
7. Filter Technology
8. Electric Motor Technology
9. Security and Lock Technology
10. Exhaust System Technology

Forty-seven of the 414 technology niche markets tracked by pl-x are in the automotive and transportation sector.

In determining a sector’s hottest technology niche markets, the TRRU metrics valuation calculator combines IP-specific information provided by users with relevant live financial market data to yield an indication of value for raw technology, a patent or a patent portfolio. pl-x provides a practical means to measure the daily value, volatility and risk associated with technologies and investments in specific niche markets.

Many of the automotive and transportation technologies ranked in the “top ten” niche markets are available for license on The Patent & License Exchange, Inc.

In the Fuel Cell technology sector are innovations like vacuum check values, which allow significantly higher airflow rates. Moisture sensor technologies, one of the highlights of the pl-x Automotive Metal Fabrication section, are highly abrasion-resistant sensor electrodes designed to adhere to the windshield film.

The Mirror technology category includes a holographic rear view mirror asset that provides drivers with a holographic display that produces a dynamically changing, bright, reliable, sharp virtual image.

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