DaimlerChrysler.gif” width=”159″ height=”86″ align=”right” vspace=”2″ hspace=”2″>DaimlerChrysler
plans to promote its three U.S. brands – Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge – in grocery
stores, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants by the start of 2002, according
to a report in Automotive News.

The industry newspaper says that the Chrysler group’s two new marketing leaders
behind the strategy both have strong backgrounds in packaged-goods businesses.

The executives – Jim Schroer (once vice president of sales and marketing
for RJR Nabisco) and George Murphy (a former vice president of worldwide product
management for GE Lighting) who both recently moved to Chrysler from Ford –
are said to believe that tapping into the national distribution system of a
soft drink maker, for example, would be an economical way to build awareness
of Chrysler vehicles.

"Having your product where consumers go in their everyday lives is something
that we need to figure out," Murphy, Chrysler’s senior vice president of
global brand marketing, told Automotive News.

"A lot of this is finally understanding how do we get people to experience
our products on their terms. The consumer-goods business is pretty good at that."

Murphy and Schroer, Chrysler’s executive vice president of global sales and
marketing, also expect to drive traffic to dealerships with this tactic, Automotive
News added.

The Chrysler group is working on two deals, one with a major soft drink company,
Murphy reportedly said. He is also said to want at least one partnership for
each Chrysler brand.

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