Bosch has invested approximately US$8m to renovate its vehicle test track in Flat Rock, Michigan, to provide a facility that will be used to test a variety of automotive technologies.

The renovation included repaving and expanding the surface size of the site’s vehicle dynamics area, and reconfiguring the test facility to accommodate vehicle dynamics and foundation brake testing.

Improvements also include the addition of a three-lane high bank curve and the extension of the track loop from 3/4-mile to 1.4 miles.

Since its original design in 1989, the Flat Rock facility has served as a key tool to develop crash avoidance technologies intended to help reduce vehicle-related fatalities.

Flat Rock facility is one of three Bosch proving grounds in the US and one of seven worldwide, serving a variety of manufacturers and suppliers in the light vehicle, heavy truck, recreational vehicle and bus industries. One of the facility’s test surface areas, the vehicle dynamics area, contains both wet and dry asphalt and can accommodate high-speed straight line stops.

Ronaldo Reimer, regional president, chassis systems control division, Bosch North America, said: “This proactive investment in the expansion of our testing facility provides us with the necessary means to continue to bring innovative safety technologies to market.

“The current state of the economy puts even greater focus on finding the right balance between running a leaner, smarter business while also having the tools and products necessary to continue to advance innovation to meet future needs and requirements.”