used car listing website has added OEM vehicle manufacturers’
certified used vehicle listings to its U.S. database.

So far, the used car operations of Toyota, Lexus and Honda have signed up.

Potential buyers searching for a used vehicle on will soon be
able to search a database of thousands of vehicles for a particular make and
model and view only certified vehicles available from the 1,700 dealers participating
in the programme.



All search results will include detailed vehicle descriptions and colour photos.

Consumers can also learn about certified used vehicle programmes through hyperlinks
to manufacturer’s internet homepages.

"In today’s economy, car manufacturers and dealers are finding that there
is an increased opportunity for certified used vehicles, as they have proven
extremely popular with consumers who are looking for the benefits of a like-new
car at an affordable price," said president and CEO Chip

According to recent industry research, used car sales are rising with more
than 41 million used cars sold in the United States last year alone.

A growing portion of these sales include low-mileage, certified used vehicles,
backed by the manufacturer, which undergo factory-specified inspections and
are offered with factory-backed financing and limited warranties. says that 75 percent of its five million monthly visitors are
searching for used cars, while half are interested in certified cars.

Toyota has sold 73,000 certified used cars so far this year while its Lexus
luxury car division shifted 27,000 units in 2000. Honda has also retailed over
25,000 certified used cars so far this year.

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