Gary Hart, CTO of GO Media, Inc. and Amica Mutual Insurance Company, the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the nation, today announced the selection of the solution, powered by EazyImage.

“We were looking for an Internet/Intranet based solution that would allow us to communicate more efficiently with our trading partners and customers,” stated Larry Brown, Systems Engineer for the Customer Systems Department at Amica. “After evaluating many different solutions, we chose the platform for its cost efficient solution for integrating with our existing systems and its ease of use. was an obvious choice because it reduces unnecessary processes and cycle-time. This open-ended solution, based on Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) standards, will increase our productivity and will help steer us towards being a stronger e-commerce business,” continued Brown.

The collision repair and insurance industry has been largely based on proprietary standards that prevent true business to-business (B2B) relationships. “With the help of CIECA standards and participating in industry committees, is allowing some truly remarkable processes and efficiencies to occur,” stated Rudy Lehman, CIO of CIECA addresses development of electronic commerce for the collision industry on a national scale. Its “action teams” address issues such as standards for electronic data interchange (EDI), interoperability and imaging. It has developed processes for identifying and prioritizing issues, and works those solutions through a broad base of acceptance mechanisms, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

“In today’s marketplace, large enterprises like Amica, must gain every competitive advantage through e-business applications — delivers those advantages to the collision repair and insurance industry,” stated Hart. “With the dynamic combination of and EazyImage, Amica will realize a significant reduction in the cycle-time of a claim. They will be able to benefit from new efficiencies such as just-in-time information and open B2B transactions with trading partners,” continued Hart.

“I am pleased Amica recognizes the value and power that supplies to the industry and look forward to a lasting relationship with them,” stated Walt Oleski, CEO of GO Media, Inc. “ strives to continue to put forth new capabilities enabling our customers and their trading partners to gain the maximum benefit of using open standard based technology similar to those found in our EazyImage product,” continued Oleski., powered by EazyImage — the digital image and claims management system — is a wholly owned subsidiary of GO Media, Inc. The portal website allows the collision repair and insurance industry to conduct open B2B relationships such as parts and materials ordering, online claim and vehicle status and real-time communication. GO Media, Inc. specializes in the development and technology consulting of online communities for the collision repair and insurance industries. The company, with offices located worldwide, is the creator of industry communities such as the BASF and the United Recyclers Group With EazyImage, GO Media, Inc. is a leader in digital image and claims management.