There may have been 89 fatalities in accidents stemming from the unintended acceleration of Toyota Motor vehicles since 2000, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said.

By mid-May, the US government’s safety regulator had received 6,200 reports alleging that drivers of Toyota vehicles had accidents as a result of unintended acceleration as well as complaints that their vehicles sped up unintentionally.

Of these reports, the NHTSA has simply added up the number of fatalities which claimants alleged have resulted from unintended acceleration, it told Kyodo News .

A Toyota official said the automaker was carefully conducting an investigation into the allegations of accidents from unintended acceleration.

In connection with the acceleration issue, Toyota has implemented massive recalls, replacing floor mats which may have entrapped accelerator pedals and thereby caused such acceleration, and fixing accelerator pedals that may stick.

But Toyota has categorically denied allegations by some US lawmakers that these unintended acceleration cases have stemmed from flaws in the electronic throttle control system of its vehicles.