Ford has signed a global licensing agreement with Colour Kinetics that allows car owners to personalise the interior and exterior of their cars through intelligent LED lighting.

“Ford’s licence of Colour Kinetics’ patents marks a very exciting milestone – both for the accumulating strength of our licensing programme and the penetration of LED technology into bigger, broader markets,” said Bill Sims, president and CEO of Colour Kinetics.

“We believe that the ability to personalise spaces, whether homes, workstations or even cars, has widespread market appeal, and the opportunity to put this advanced control in vehicle owners’ hands is very exciting.”

While single colour LED sources have been applied in automotive lighting for a number of years, Ford was one of the first to capitalise on the digitally controllable nature of LEDs when it introduced the ‘MyColor’ colour-changing instrument panel in Ford Mustang.

“The compact, durable nature and inherent intelligence of LEDs allow completely new uses of light, with customisable auto interiors being an excellent example,” said Sims.

Here in Europe, BMW‘s latest MINI has colour-adjustable LED interior highlight lighting as an option.