Ulemco has signed an exclusive MoU with Engv to collaborate on developing a market for its hydrogen dual fuel technology.

The scope of the agreement extends across Australia and into commercial vehicles, particularly heavy-duty applications such as refuse collection, urban trucks and buses.

Ulemco maintains by using zero-carbon hydrogen to displace diesel directly in the engine, its dual fuel technology, H2ICED, enables vehicle owners to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 40%, as well as offering a practical solution that is immediately available.

Engv developed and now operates Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) in Canberra with plans to support the growth of industry by the deployment of HRS solutions for both public and depot-based refuelling.

“The existing diesel fleet replacement cycle in Australia is generally between 7-20 years,” said Engv CEO, Sean Blythe. “We see the ULEMCo technology as providing a hydrogen load for infrastructure investment whilst also delivering immediate CO2 and tailpipe emission reduction benefits.”

“Engv has many years of experience with the development and deployment of gas heavy vehicles in Australia. We were previously involved with LNG and CNG truck installation and operation in Australia. We see this technology as a natural extension of our core business and competencies.”

“We are delighted to be working with Engv and to be extending our approach internationally.”

For her part, Ulemco MD, Amanda Lyne, added: “We have a growing frustration some companies and governments are delaying adoption of cleaner fuels, while waiting for revolutionary technology developments, such as zero-emission electric or fuel cell vehicles.

“Our existing hydrogen dual fuel approach offers a solution that can reduce carbon emissions dramatically and be applied across a range of existing vehicle platforms.

“Through this partnership we are really looking forward to being part of the early development of the market for hydrogen fuelled vehicles in Australia.”