The revised Chevrolet Aveo – produced at a UkrAVTO plant in Poland – has been declared as the best car of Kiev International Auto Show SIA 2008.

The competition was held under the aegis of Society of Automobile journalists of Ukraine.

RIA Oreanda reported that the main selection criteria for the best car of SIA were reliability, safety, quality, road handling and overall design of the car.

The just launched 3-door Aveo model follows the 5-door and amounts to a heavy revamp of the previoust Kalos hatchback – a Daewoo Motor inheritance that has proven relatively successful in the European marketplace.

In 2008, approximately 60,000 Aveos will roll off the assembly line at the FSO plant (Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych) in Warsaw. The Warsaw FSO facility builds the Chevrolet Aveo in close cooperation with GM. The plant is actually owned by UkrAVTO and builds the Aveo under contract for GM.

Within the CEE area Russia stands out for Chevrolet volumes much bigger than the rest. The booming Russian car market has become by far Chevrolet’s largest national market in its European territory. Last year, almost 190,000 new Chevrolets were purchased there – an increase of almost 250% from 2004. At 46,000 units Chevrolet sales in neighbouring Ukraine surpassed those of Italy to make the Ukraine Chevrolet’s second biggest European market in 2007.