Supply chain manager Multipart Supply Chain Solutions has signed a five-year contract with Modec Limited.

Modec, based in Coventry, uses modern battery technology to deliver a range of electric commercial vehicles for use in city environments. With a range of 100+ miles and a 50mph top speed, the vans are said to deliver performance and economy comparable to diesel equivalents, but without the noise, smell or pollution.

The first electric van rolled off the Coventry production line last month. The Binley factory counts giant UK supermarket group Tesco amongst its first users – 15 are now home-delivering groceries ordered online.

The deal covers a comprehensive range of logistics services incorporating inventory management, demand forecasting, specialist storage and handling including inbound to the assembly plant in Coventry, distribution, customer service and reverse logistics.

Modec will also be implementing the Multipart Supply Chain Solutions electronic parts catalogue (EPC), a web-based method of parts identification and order placement. The application allows Modec to identify the unique parts associated with particular vehicle builds using either the VIN reference or the registration number in a search facility.

EPC will improve the efficiency of Modec’s supply chain through improved parts identification, leading in turn to fewer stock returns and a more accurate stock profile derived from cleaner demand patterns, it is claimed.

Electric truck electronics deal