When the last Mini reached the end of the production line just a month ago many of the car’s loyal fans were reluctant to accept any new or improved version.

But after its UK launch at the start of the Motor Show in Birmingham last week, pre-orders for the BMW MINI have rocketed through the roof, with 55 recorded on the first public day.

Since then the new MINI has received 40-50 pre-orders a day with figures set to rise over the next few weeks as it prepares to go into production next Summer.

“It’s been crazy,” said a spokeswoman for BMW. “The orders have been coming so quickly, it’s been constant. “We have been sensitive to the launching of the new MINI but people have been so overwhelmingly positive about the new car.

“The people from the MINI club absolutely love it. They came here and didn’t want to love it but now they have seen it they have just fallen for it. The new car has got the character of the old MINI with added reliability and safety. This car is just so design led,” she added.

The comfortably modern but stylishly retro-look of the new MINI has more room than its predecessor with circles the dominant feature. The two-tone colour scheme retains the car’s history with interior features, including fold-back seats at the back, which suitably brings the motor out from the dark ages.

Contact: Emma Scammell, BMW, +44 01344 480110