Potential buyers of a new hand-built Morgan sports car no longer have to wait years for delivery, company boss Charles Morgan said this week.

Production of both the classic Plus 8 and the new Aero 8 is at a record level thanks to recent major investments at the factory and Morgan last year built more cars than in any year since 1945.

That means a new car is now less than a year away for a customer placing an order now. Morgan asserted.

“Anyone who puts a specification in now will get a delivery slot next year, although there are not many left,” he told reporters at the British motor show in Birmingham.

Morgan also said his company would take the Aero 8 racer back to the world-famous Le Mans 24 hour event next year.

“I’m pretty certain we’ll be back, and we’ll do even better than this year’s race, when our car was within 20% of the performance of the race winning Audis,” Morgan said.

He claimed the Aero 8’s exploits at Le Mans have provoked considerable interest in the car from US enthusiasts.

The company is spending £1 million on ‘federalising’ the Aero 8 and plans a Stateside launch early in 2004.