has announced that the Peugeot manufacturing facility at Ryton, Coventry, is working
at ‘full stretch’, and is set to exceed the record production figures achieved
for 2000.

In the first six months of this year, Ryton workers built 103,385 vehicles
– up 2% on the 101,179 they produced for the same period in 2000. High production
figures at the UK plant are being boosted by strong orders for the 206 model.

In 1998 just 72,383 vehicles were built at Ryton. At the end of that year,
Peugeot launched the 206, and began building the car at the plant. Since then,
output there has more than doubled, with almost 200,000 vehicles due to be built
in 2001. Peugeot will shortly celebrate a significant milestone as the 500,000th
206 rolls off the Ryton production lines.

In common with several other UK plants, Peugeot’s Ryton plant has been the
subject of some speculation about its future in recent years. However, Tod Evans,
Peugeot’s Managing Director, said: "It seems that every time I open a newspaper
or magazine, I find an article predicting the end of vehicle production in the
UK. Yet for Peugeot this is simply not the case! We continue to invest in Ryton,
and are very proud that it is working seven days per week to meet such phenomenal

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