Nissan’s UK plant expects to cut around six days of production between now and the end of the year, the automaker told just-auto on Tuesday.

“Nissan continues to review its sales and inventory levels throughout the current economic crisis and as such, production at the Sunderland Plant will be refocused towards priority markets,” a spokeswoman said.

“For the remainder of the calendar year Sunderland plant will match its production to customers in order to manage inventory and as such it is likely that we will have a number of non production days between now and 23 December, its planned winter shutdown day.

“The expected number of down days will be around six and during this time a combination of training, home leave and improvement activities will take place. It is expected that staff will be on full pay and return to work as normal in early January.

“The economic crisis continues to significantly affect all car makers globally, and it is essential that Sunderland continues taking the right action now to protect the future of the company by matching volume to softening customer demand.

“Business conditions remain highly volatile and Sunderland will continue to take any appropriate action if and when needed.”

The plant builds Nissan’s Qashqai SUV, Note and Micra.