Urban bus fleets and on-highway trucks can significantly reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions by as much as 94% from their vehicles simply by retrofitting with ECS Purifilter diesel particulate filters, a new exhaust after-treatment product from Lubrizol Engine Control Systems.

Data is claimed to suggest that ECS Purifilter reduces particulate matter (PM) by up to 95%, hydrocarbons (HC) by as much as 95% and carbon monoxide (CO) by up to 98% in on-road vehicles, specifically the Euro II Cummins B Series Engine.

Test results were verified under the UK Energy Saving Trust Funding Program. Additionally, the device reduces noise reductions to levels comparable with those offered by high-grade silencers, making the ECS Purifilter a direct replacement option for the original silencer.

ECS Purifilter passively regenerates at lower temperatures, which effectively removes soot and prevents backpressure backlash that can reduce engine performance and cause engine damage. If soot ever builds up to the point of spontaneous regeneration, ECS Purifilter’s high-end, heat sense silicon carbide technology maintains filter durability and will prevent cracking, thereby ensuring further that emissions do not release.

The ECS Purifilter is supplied as a modular design, suitable for most vehicle makes and models, and each is equipped with a backpressure monitor kit.

The ECS Purifilter has completed many tests and approval/qualification programmes. There is a long list of current approvals, including: Swiss VERT, US EPA, UK EST CleanUp, and Type Approval under the VED (UK vehicle tax) rebate scheme.

In the UK, that means that users of the technology can get funding for purchase & fitting, as well as reductions of up to £500 per year in VED.