Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class long wheelbase (LWB) has been heralded as the “Most practical car in Britain” by Auto Express magazine.

In a week-long trial against 36 other cars, the A-Class was tested to see how easy it is to live with day-to-day, as well as how simple it is to change a wheel or top up the screen wash fluid. Auto Express particularly praised the car’s low boot height, rear visibility and the commanding driving position.

Introduced to the UK in June 2001, the long wheelbase models arrived at the same time as the rest of the A-Class range was revised. Both cars use the ‘sandwich floor’ concept, which sandwiches the engine and mechanical components between two steel floors.

The development of the LWB A-class by Mercedes-Benz followed widespread criticism of the lack of rear legroom and luggage space on the original shorter wheelbase model.