General Motors‘ brands Vauxhall and Chevrolet have welcomed the announcement of a UK government grant subsidy for electric vehicles.

GM said it applauds the UK government’s commitment to electric drivetrain technology and will continue to work closely with them to ensure the successful implementation of an EV infrastructure across the UK. 

The ‘range extender’ plug-in electric-driven Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet Volt will be launched into the UK market in 2012 and will both receive the full GBP5,000 grant subsidy on each sale.

From January 2011, UK motorists will be entitled to a ‘Plug-In Car Grant’ of up to GBP5,000 (car buyers will be entitled to a 25% discount from the list price of the eligible car, up to the value of GBP5,000) when buying an electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell car that meets safety, reliability, performance and warranty standards set by the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) in consultation with industry.

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