Automotive analysts in the UK’s Business Department say any potential change in a future British government is not likely to alter the current political backing for the vehicle manufacturing and supply sectors.

The UK is now less than two years away – from a newly-introduced fixed date – general election but there is growing belief Westminster support for the country’s influential Automotive Council will remain whatever the party colour.

“We have no reason to suppose there will be any particular shift,” Business Department automotive sector analyst, Phil Davies, told just-auto at today’s (18 September) SMMT Open Forum in the UK city of Worcester.

“This [automotive] initiative started before the last general election and there is no change in policy – the work we have done is based on robust analysis of what we need to do.”

To emphasise the cross-party orientation of the British auto sector, newly-appointed SMMT chief executive, Mike Hawes, noted the body attended last week’s Liberal-Democrat party political conference and will shortly be at the Labour and Conservative equivalents.