Toyota in a statement has again apologised to customers “for the repeated adjustments to our production plan due to the parts shortage resulting from the spread of COVID-19”.

In last month’s production plan, the automaker announced average monthly production plan for September through November would be approximately 900,000 units.

“However, due to the impact of semiconductor shortages, the planned global production volume for October is expected to be approximately 800,000 units” (250,000 in Japan and 550,000 overseas).

“The global production plan for October through December is planned to average approximately 850,000 units per month. This plan is based on careful confirmation of parts supply and the personnel structures and facility capacities of our suppliers.

“However, it remains difficult to look ahead due to semiconductor shortages, the spread of COVID-19, and other factors. We will continue to make every effort to deliver as many vehicles as possible to our customers at the earliest date while closely examining the situation.”

Toyota has however left its production forecast for the fiscal year to 31 March 2023 unchanged at about 9.7 million.