Volvo’s subsidiary, Renault Trucks has concluded an agreement covering technology transfer pertaining to truck engines with the Chinese truck manufacturer Dong Feng Motors. The agreement is intended to provide Dong Feng Motors the possibility of equipping its trucks with Renault engines.
The agreement is the result of several years of negotiations between Renault Trucks and Dong Feng Motors. The agreement covers the transfer of engine technology and is aimed at making it possible for Dong Feng Motors to equip its heavy and medium-heavy trucks with Renault’s 11-litre engine, dCi 11. The engine is Euro 3 class, which means its meets the strictest emission standards in Europe.

Dong Feng Motors is one of China’s three largest truck manufacturers, with annual production of nearly 180,000 trucks. During the first six months this year, the company increased its sales of trucks by more than 40 percent.

“Together we can create an extremely powerful and attractive structure in which we can benefit from each other’s resources and expertise,” said Philippe Mellier, President of Renault Trucks.

“In Volvo Buses, Volvo CE and Volvo Penta, we already have well established operations in China. Through Renault Trucks’ cooperation agreement with Dong Feng, we are taking an important step into the Chinese market for trucks as well,” said Volvo’s CEO Leif Johansson.