Subaru Corporation announced additional cases of fraudulent vehicle inspections in a final report on the scandal that emerged earlier this year, according to reports in Japan.

Last week the automaker revealed new cases of falsified final inspections on braking systems and speedometers. The company was unable to say how many vehicles are affected as the reports were based on employee testimonies made during the broader investigation. 

In March of this year Subaru revealed data had been fabricated on final fuel consumption and emissions tests at its Gunma factory in Japan since the early 1990s.

The company pointed to excessive workloads as the root cause of inspectors taking short cuts with final checks, adding that employees lacked "awareness of norms" as that there was "insufficient supervision" by management. 

The investigation also found that conditions at the plant were not conducive to carrying out proper tests in a controlled environment.

In a similar scandal, Nissan last week also blamed "extremely low awareness" of the seriousness of inspection standards and rules along with and a lack of oversight by plant managers as the root causes of its fraudulent exhaust emissions and fuel economy inspections checks in Japan.