Volkswagen plans to launch B-segment car production at its plant in Kaluga in 2012, Markus Ozegovic, CEO of local subsidiary Volkswagen Group Rus, said at a forum.

The car would be a new model produced at all VW plants, Ozegovic said, according to Prime-Tass. The new model is scheduled to be introduced to the public in mid-2012.

Volkswagen Group Rus currently produces the Polo and Skoda cars. Its plant began as an SKD kit assembler but switched to CKD assembly last September.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Group Rus plans to launch production of C-segment cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) at Russian automaker GAZ Group’s facilities in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Ozegovic added.

The factory plans to start SKD kit assembly of Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles in mid-2012, GAZ Group CEO Bo Andersson said in February. Initial annual production is expected to be 110,000 cars.