AvtoVAZ has said that it will raise prices on all of its 2009 Lada models by an average of 2.5% starting from March 30.

The company said the price rise can be attributed to the need to compensate for the impact of inflationary processes, as well as the increased cost of imported car components due to changes in the exchange rates of the US dollar and the euro [versus the rouble].

“Above all, this concerns equipment for luxury optional features, which have a roughly 30% share in imports,” the company said.

The most common Avtovaz-produced models will increase in price by 1.5%, representatives of some of AvtoVAZ’s suppliers told Interfax. They said this would not be the last time Avtovaz raises prices this year.

The company also said it plans to sell last year’s models at a discount of 10%-13.8%, Interfax reported.

AvtoVAZ currently faces a liquidity crisis and has experienced parts supply disruption this year due to supplier payment disputes.