Rusal has completed the acquisition of Aluminium Rheinfelden, following approval by the German Federal Cartel Office and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The transaction ensures operations can continue and delivers job security for more than 200 employees of Aluminium Rheinfelden.

The acquisition is expected to deliver commercial synergies by matching Aluminium Rheinfelden’s product focus with Rusal’s low-carbon aluminium alloy production. Eric Martinet, Automotive and Transportation director at Rusal has been announced as new Aluminium Rheinfelden CEO.

“We are very pleased we have completed the acquisition today where we have not only been able to save a traditional German company, but can also offer Aluminium Rheinfelden and its employees a promising future under the umbrella of Rusal,” said Rusal Sales and Marketing director, Roman Andryushin.

“We are aware of our responsibility as a new shareholder and partner of Aluminium Rheinfelden and look forward to the future with confidence where our joint market presence will create shareholder value, stability and growth for the company. Not only does the transaction secure the future of all three business units of Aluminium Rheinfelden, but also, the company’s customers will benefit from Rusal’s low-carbon aluminium, Allow and from the breakthrough inert anode technology, which drives the industry into a new chapter of carbon-free aluminium.”

For his part, Martinet added: “Operating within Rusal will allow Aluminium Rheinfelden to unleash its full potential and scale-up operations. As part of a well-capitalised business with a global scale, Aluminium Rheinfelden can now build up its footprint in its existing core automotive sector and target new market niches, thus further strengthening our combined market position.

“Importantly, our customers will benefit from access to a reliable supply of high-quality, aluminium products with the lowest carbon footprint.”

Founded in 1898, Aluminium Rheinfelden is a German manufacturer of aluminium alloys, semis and carbon-based components and a supplier to the global automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, as well as pharmaceutical and metallurgy industries.